Trendiest White Silestone Worktops in 2020

When it comes to adding natural stone-like aesthetics while standing the test of time, white Silestone worktops never disappoint. Compared to other worktop materials, the popular Silestone worktops are always considered superior due to some their exclusive characteristics.

Picking the right worktop colour is essential to influence the entire decor of a kitchen. However, most people fear installing white worktops to avoid stains. But this won’t happen if you choose Silestone worktops, even in the whitest tone or colour.

Silestone Silken Pearl

                                           Silestone Silken Pearl

While there are many Silestone worktop colours to choose from, the white hue is everlasting and adds a sophisticated charm to any interior design. This worktop material comes in the standard size slabs in dimensions 3040 x1410 mm, as well as Jumbo slabs in dimensions 3250 x 1590 mm. It means that large surfaces can be installed without the seams, which are known to trap dust, dirt and grime.

Silestone also comes in various finishes, such as Polished, Matte and Volcano, to match any design requirement – from smooth to the rough textured countertop surface. Besides, Silestone worktops provide excellent durability and come with a 25-year warranty by the manufacturer. It makes it a highly stable worktop surface for busy homes.

For those who are looking to add white worktops to their kitchen, consider some of these great white Silestone worktops in 2020:

1. Silestone Iconic White:

This quartz stone boasts a pure white backdrop that suits any interior design. This new colour from the Influencer Series by Silestone is influenced by the natural feel and appearance of marble. But its non-porous and solid surface doesn’t include any flaws of marble stone.

2. Silestone Calacatta Gold:

Silestone Calacatta Gold

                                          Silestone Calacatta Gold

Silestone Calacatta Gold boasts transparent white background with veins drawing lines on the slab like a beautiful portrait. This worktop is a part of the Silestone’s Eternal range that evokes the natural beauty of well-known Italian stones without carrying any inherent issues associated with marble.

3. Silestone Lagoon:

 Silestone Lagoon

                                                Silestone Lagoon

Silestone Lagoon displays a random veining effect on its off-white backdrop to bring organic aesthetics, as well as earthy appeal, to any cooking space. The natural beauty of Bianco Carrara influences it, and Carrara White marble worktops that are known for adding sophistication and luxury feel to any interior.

4. Silestone Calacatta Classic:

Silestone Calacatta Classic adds the ancient natural beauty of marble to interiors. It boasts a white base with bold and thick veining patterns to spruce up any room. Besides great appearance, Silestone Calacatta Classic also provides excellent resistance to scratches and stains. Therefore, it requires little maintenance daily.

5. Silestone Statuario:

The timeless design of Statuario is enough to make any dull space lively with its most exceptional ambience that brings extravagance and balance to an interior. Boasting grey veining pattern on a white surface, the unique texture of this quartz worktop amplifies the touch of luxury that’s usually provided by natural Statuario marble found in Italy. But unlike marble, quartz surface doesn’t need much care and maintenance to keep its surface looking beautiful for many years.

6. Silestone White Storm:

Silestone White Storm

                                             Silestone White Storm

Another gorgeous white quartz stone is the famous Silestone White Storm. It is an off-white worktop surface with delicate tones of patterns and flecks. It also comes with anti-bacterial protection and is certified for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Hence, it’s a suitable worktop material for food preparation areas. It belongs to the Custom Series and also comes in different finishes, such as polished, suede or matte.

7. Silestone Bianco Calacatta:

This quartz surface has a white backdrop with subtle grey veins scattered all over its surface. It is known for offering superior performance while boasting a similar appearance as that of the natural Italian Bianco Calacatta marble. You can avail this design in slabs with dimensions 3250 x 1590 mm and in thicknesses of 12mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.

8. Silestone Lyra Quartz:

It is an off-white quartz worktop surface with an intricate veining pattern. It is created to offer the warm feel and aesthetic appearance of classic marbles like Carrara Gioia marble and other Carrara varieties.

9. Silestone Lusso:

This is another off-white quartz worktop with intricate veining effect that brings vintage vibes and timelessness to an interior space. Lusso is influenced by the natural looks and feel of marble but without any inherent properties of the natural stone. Hence, it’s suitable to meet all the needs of an urban lifestyle.

10. Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme:

Boasting gorgeous white background, Blanco Zeus Extreme shines through its polished finish and details. It also comes treated with the latest N-Boost technology to withstand the bacteria and viruses. Due to its superior performance and characteristics, this quartz surface is known to be the best seller across the world for its simple yet classic appeal.