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Trendy Glass Splashback Colour Ideas For A Chic Kitchen

Planning to renovate your kitchen? You may add a contemporary and gorgeous style to your cooking space using a coloured glass splashback. The kitchen glass splashbacks are available in endless colours, finishes and design options to turn any dull kitchen space into ultra-glam.

Want a classy yet extra glossy kitchen? If so, you must consider glass splashbacks for your kitchen space. The kitchen glass splashbacks are contemporary, chic and suitable for any home.

However, you need to consider professional installation for your glass splashbacks, as these are quite heavy and tricky to work with. But once installed, these kitchen splashbacks can withstand heat, wear, splashes, impact and scratches, as these are made from toughened safety glass.

Why pick glass splashbacks for your kitchen?

When going through several options, you will find that high-quality glass splashbacks always stand out from the rest of the materials. It is because of the following reasons:

  • They have a non-porous surface and hence, doesn’t allow any bacterial growth
  • They don’t show any mould issues
  • They are straightforward to clean due to smooth and joint-free surface
  • They are resistant to heat
  • They are glossy and reflect light into a room
  • They are affordable and offer value over time
  • They can be made-to-order, as per the requirement of a given space
  • They are available in various colours, designs, patterns and finishes to match any kitchen interior

How to Select Glass Splashback in a Particular Colour?

There are many ways to decide which splashback colour to choose from. However, it would help if you made the decision based on the following factors:

Pick Your Favourite Hue

The simplest and easiest way to choose a glass splashback colour is by picking your favourite colour. For, you won’t feel bored with your favourite colour. However, make sure that your favourite colour also contrasts with the rest of the kitchen decor to give a striking feel to the area.

Select Any Complimentary Colour

If you don’t like the contrasting interior, you may go for a complimentary colour. It doesn’t mean that you must choose a colour that already exists in your kitchen. For example, having blue walls does not mean that you must pick a blue splashback.

It merely means you must look for a colour that goes well with a given shade. You may even use the colour wheel to solve this issue. Just enter the colours already present in a room, and you’ll get the colour options that complement those existing colours. This way, you can easily choose a perfect complementary shade for your glass splashback.

Create a Statement Wall

You may choose glass splashback in any bold and bright colour to create a statement wall. It gives you a chance to convert your kitchen splashback into a practical focal point in your kitchen. This splashback style is perfect for kitchens with neutral and minimalist shades. It is because a minimal kitchen space would give a striking appearance to a bold coloured splashback.

Trendy Glass Splashback Ideas for Modern Kitchens

Here are five glass splashback ideas to consider for modern kitchens:

1. Bright and cheerful glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are available in various bright and exciting colour options to match or complement your kitchen decor. Some popular glass splashback colours to choose from are bright yellow, turquoise, deep red, etc. Although you will be able to choose from different finishes of glass splashbacks, the most popular is polished as it is the easiest to clean.

2. Glossy Neutrals

For those who love neutral shades, bright, subtle tones are an excellent option for adding a clean, welcoming and intriguing vibe to the interior. You may choose neutral glass splashbacks in colours like beige, cream, white, grey or black to complement the existing wall or cabinets colour. These subtle shades are perfect for small kitchen spaces to make them appear more prominent. In addition, they provide a timeless decorative element to the room in which they are displayed.

3. Mirror Glass Splashbacks

Lately, mirror glass splashbacks have become popular in modern kitchens. These are perfect for reflecting more light into space and for getting the most stylish and shiny kitchen interior. Not just visually pleasing, mirror glass splashbacks are also functional in busy kitchen spaces. You can choose from several mirrored splashbacks like Antique Glass, Silver Glass, Golden glass, etc.

4. Patterned Glass Splashbacks

Do you have any specific design or pattern in your mind for your glass splashbacks?

If so, you can choose a glass splashback in that given design and add a wow factor to your kitchen interior. Since glass splashbacks give you an option to be creative and stylish, why stick to just one plain colour for your splashback? If your kitchen is already flat and dull, choose a unique glass splashback pattern to give it a lively touch.

5. Personalised Glass Splashbacks

You may also make a style statement in a kitchen using personalised, printed glass splashbacks, imagine what you want to display on your kitchen wall forever. It could be a personal photo, a picture of a landmark or something else that’s special to you. You may even get artwork or Google any specific pattern to display as a kitchen splashback. There is no limitation to digitally printed glass splashback designs. Furthermore, this will help in adding a personal accent to your kitchen interior.