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How to Use Marble, Quartz and Porcelain Countertops to Warm up Your Room

Home is incomplete without the beautiful décor as these bring in positivity and liveliness to the people living there. This is why the decoration of the rooms are of utmost importance. There are several ideas that patch up a feasible plan and decorate the room with stone slabs. The durable surfaces, from renowned brands such as Dekton Natura worktops, transform the available space with a Midas touch. Your choice will be greatly admired by the invited guests when you incorporate granite, marble, quartz and porcelain.

Dekton Natura worktops

Ways to redefine your room décor

Whether you want to renovate your home décor or make a great impression in front of the prospective buyers, the use of stone surfaces can be a miracle. The elegance will totally transform the interior of your home. All you have to do is to plan it right. Here are some ideas to ponder and make a worthy plan.

  • Flooring

The flooring will be the second most visible part of your room after the roof. You can add opulence to the available space by choosing marble, granite or engineered stone surfaces. Even the smallest rooms will have an eminent glow when you use the natural aura of the stone surfaces from the famous brands.

  • Fireplace surrounding

Find dark coloured stone surfaces add glamour to your fireplace. The surrounding of the fireplace can be adorned elegantly with granite and marble. These two natural stones can withstand extreme heat. Just make sure you choose dark colours. the regal choice will bring a magnificent tone to your interior décor.

  • Table top

If you have a small coffee table in your room or a dressing table, you can use the remarkable designs from the leading brands. Choose Carrara marble worktops to redefine the interior of the room. In fact, the other smaller furniture such as cabinets, ornamental tools, etc can also have the same worktop surface to bring a cohesive sense in your interior decoration plan.

  • Wall claddings

The brilliant designs from Calacatta marble worktops can also be added as wall cladding surfaces. The design can be matched with the other interior surfaces too. The walls can be clad with marble, granite, porcelain or quartz surfaces. It will become an excellent style statement. Just add few decorative statues or artwork and let the guests drop their jaws on the floor.

  • Marble furniture

The cabinets and other small furniture beside your bed can also have a brilliant worktop. Choose from the trending collection of Carrara quartz worktops to avail bold colours in the engineered stone section. You can also go natural with the intricate veining of marble or natural grainy patterns of granite worktops. This can create a façade on the door that leads to your room. The façade can be made with the same best Neolith Carrara worktops surfaces.