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What are Compac Worktops and Why Should You Get One?

One of the most popular choices for worktops besides naturally occurring stone such as Marble and Granite has been Quartz worktops. Quartz worktops are relatively new in the market and are a step forward in naturally occurring stone.

Quartz worktops are amazing as they virtually remove every complaint faced by naturally occurring stone such as a very high degree of hardness that makes natural stone prone to chipping and also doesn’t feel very good in touching.

Compac Ice Concrete Worktops

Compac has taken further the advancements achieved in Quartz stone and have developed their own brand of high quality stone that is 93-95% natural quartz and other substances engineered in to one high quality stone worktop known as Compac worktop. Compac worktops are the next evolutionary stage of quartz worktops made by Compac, The Surfaces Company. These are one of the most resilient varieties of quartz worktops that use minimal joints for fitting and excel in almost every aspect when compared to the natural stones such as Marble, Limestone and Granite worktops.

Tough and Durable

Compac worktops are naturally tough and durable. These surfaces are tougher than natural stone surfaces as they are composed of 93-95% quartz along with high quality resin that add strength and shine to the surface of Compac worktops.


Porous worktops lose their sheen very easily and are ruined much early in professional settings as they are subjected to hot liquid of all degrees of strength and colours. Compac worktops are great at preserving the colour and shine for a longer time as they are non-porous and do not absorb any liquids.

Optimum Hardness

Hardness is a quality that is desired in every stone worktop be it naturally occurring or engineered. But there is a range of optimum hardness. Materials that shoot above this range often feel very hard to touch and are very prone to chipping etc. Compac worktops have optimum hardness. They don’t chip, feel good to touch, and retain optimum strength.

Abrasion resistant

Oils and acids don’t have much of an effect on quartz surfaces as they do on natural surfaces such as marble and limestone. Compac Worktops are abrasion resistant to a very high degree.

Beautiful Colours, Designs and Patterns

Perhaps the most amazing benefits of using compact worktops is that they are available in virtually countless patterns, colours and designs. Natural stones have limitations of variation, designs and colours as these are based on the chemical composition of the rock and the geographical conditions of the area.

Engineered stone such as Quartz has the advantage of being available in almost limitless options as the design, pattern and grain is under control and can be altered as required. Compac worktops are available in hundreds of patterns, colours and textures.

Buy From the Best

If you are looking to buy Compac worktops, one of the best places to get them is mykitchenworktop.co.uk. Competitively priced with complete assurance for quality and after sales service, this site has everything to complement your kitchens and bathrooms.

Please feel free to walk through our catalogue and choose the worktop you like.