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What are Composite Kitchen Worktops?

Kitchen worktops have grown in popularity during the last couple of decades due to the various types of natural stone and raw materials that are used to produce them.

It can be marble, granite, quartz and/or other type of stone. They all have their exclusive advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let’s start by explaining what is a composite worktop? In simple words, it is a kind of man-made material that comes in a fascinating array of shapes, sizes and colours. You can easily say that it’s the new talk of the kitchen worktop town. Composite worktops have become the most sought type for applications in kitchens and bathrooms as they come with several advantages that might or might not be the case with several other natural stone worktops and Granite Worktops that are available in the market.


Most composite worktops are manufactured using quartz as one of their most vital components. The reason is that quartz is found in abundance in several places. It is also because quartz is highly durable, stronger and lesser prone to damage in comparison to the other natural stones. Thus, it qualifies are the prime part of the composite worktops.

Quartz Worktops is combined with resin of high-quality. Composites are awesome because they do not have certain disadvantages that natural stones are prone to such as uneven appearance, weak spots etc. Composites are more resistant to stains or heat. Thus, it becomes a dream kitchen worktop for many.

A maintenance regime is much simpler to follow compared to that to its other counterparts. It makes it easier to manage composite worktops if you ensure that you do not leave any stains that are not from household products to dry.

Always wipe spillages immediately to make the cleaning toil simpler.

Another thing to keep in mind is that composite worktops are heat-resistant but not heat-proof. Therefore, always ensure that you have some trivet or pad places under hot vessels and pots.

Lastly, you must always chop your veggies on a cutting board and not directly on the composite worktop. These little things that you make a part of your kitchen habit will contribute to a long lasting composite kitchen worktop that is not just effective but also a neat and clean beauty to look at!