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What is Laminam?

The surface market is always expanding. Associated companies of synthetic stone surfaces are progressing and creating innovative materials of increased proportions and archetypal designs in huge quantities, extra large sizes (where needed), along with various thicknesses. In this revolutionary sphere of interior design & renovation, the Laminam surface has emerged as a distinct product with unique characteristics befitting to any lifestyle. Let us answer to the question: "What is laminam?" by reading the following information.

What is Laminam porcelain surface?

Produced by the System Group, which represents an important part of the ceramic industry offering a product not only of high-quality; but also superior performance, to facilitate consumers’ lives and to make it worth their investment. The pigmentation and texture are one of the most polished properties that compose the Laminam porcelain. The production process of Laminam stone involves these features that are latest in the industry.

  • A smart production system that uses natural material recycling.
  • Sustainable production technologies.
  • 100% recycled products.
  • Highly selected and refined materials.
  • Modern technology for an industrial process and a powerful compaction system.
  • Get the final result to turn all the composites into quartz.
  • Lightweight with high resistance to mechanical stress.


The above is an image of Laminam Portoro worktops in a polished finish

 Benefits of Laminam

  • This surface is ranked as the world's thinnest porcelain tiles.
  • Its application varies from a traditional to modern design.
  • Also, it is appealing in both strength and looks for commercial projects.
  • It brings exclusivity if you are looking for a product that is reliable, resistant, and has high endurance.

Where to use Laminam?

It can be applied as an extra large facade in such places for style and eminence. On the other hand, Laminam Surfaces for home usage knows no bounds. This is a unique stone of precious mixture that produces Laminam ceramic panels for flooring, walls, corridors, lobbies, and several other surroundings. Thickness is available in 3 mm and 5 mm to suit every style and to craft your home (or office) design with supremacy. Some people may feel reluctant at first to opt for a thin slab and apply to worktops, but Laminam offers great endurance to high temperature and impact, making it ideal to use around the stove and areas with heavy foot-traffic. Hopefully all of the previous features we have explained helped to answer the question: "What is laminam?"


The above is a close up image of Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato in a polished finish

Colour Options:

The collections range from stunning colours with flawless pigmentation, artistic veining, plain & classic tones, and others that remain intact with passing time. Due to its lightweight, the process of application could be less complex, but to achieve excellent results, it is always recommended to find specialists like My Kitchen Worktop in London, U.K. These professionals will lend the necessary support and help you choose the best option as per requirement. Laminam is eco-friendly, therefore, you will be acquiring a quality resource and helping the environment. Save