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What is Silestone Made of? Silestone Issues and Problems [Review]

Today, the market is pervaded with efficient resources that the surface industry had never seen before. Majority of customers have more than anticipated options that aligns with their precise requirements. There is always plenty to choose from in terms of colour, texture, pattern, finishing, slab dimensions, thickness, care and maintenance. With so many distractions, it is impossible that you would not feel confused at least once in your lifetime.

Quartz surfaces are simply the best kind that one could find and the reason is it is the strongest naturally formed mineral that renders granite its remarkable strength. You can only expect miracles to happen when you combine 95% of quartz with resins under extreme heat and pressure to give rise to Silestone kitchen worktops that bear the grace of a marble & granite but are lightweight, maintenance-free, and by far the best option for any household & commercial applications alike.

What is Silestone?

Silestone is manufactured by a family-owned business hailing from Spain who founded the renowned Cosentino Group. It is a multinational corporation with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing engineered stone surfaces and successfully running operations via several trustworthy distribution networks in way over 80 countries of the world.

silestone by cosentino

Silestone composition:

Silestone is made from a mixture of pure quartz and refined minerals with a keen observation into the wonderful world of interior décor. It is an apt solution to many pressing problems faced by builders, decorators, and homeowners. Silestone is a compound with nearly 90% natural quartz that gives this surface hardness and resilience.

This engineered stone comprises superior characteristics such as:

● High performance with bacterial protection
● Non-porous surface
● Wide range of colours, textures, and finishes
● Modern & contemporary look
● Flexibility to integrate with any architectural design

Notable features of Silestone surfaces

● Silestone offers 25-year long manufacturer warranty, which is the highest in the industry.
● Resistance to staining, scratching, chipping, breaking, cracking, heavy impact, UV rays, heat.
● Low-maintenance- the majority of cleaning process involves a mild soap water and a dry piece of cloth or paper towel.
● Multiple choices for colour (over 90 varieties), style (plain, veined, fine grain, coarse grain) and finishes (polished, suede, volcano).
● Brilliant colours and polishes- available in more than 90 colours and three polishes- polished, suede and volcano, allow for endless possibilities.

Silestone worktops and slabs have tough attributes, hence, they can bear heavy foot traffic on staircases, bathrooms, kitchens as flooring slabs. Even at a commercial place, it can be used in the office lobby. Most commonly, Silestone is used in residential areas of kitchens and bathrooms. There are different types of Silestone.

Silestone Calacatta Gold

The Silestone Calacatta Gold polished marble produces a lean, luxurious look perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and other areas. The white background laced with grey veins and splashes of gold, add a lot of substance and character bringing uniqueness not only to the stone but also the ambience where it is

Silestone Calacatta Gold

It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. In the kitchens, Silestone Calacatta worktops look great and offer stain-free and non-porous properties. This means that stone remains unaffected due to spillage of any hot substance. You may also use it around a fireplace as a façade, wall accent, and applicable even in wet, humid areas such as bathrooms, sauna or indoor swimming pools. This impervious flooring has a water absorption of less than 0.5%. It is antibacterial, highly resistant to stains, scratches and mould, hard and resilient to endure a heavy impact. Silestone is a brand name synonymous with immense strength & awe-inspiring beauty.

Silestone Lyra

Silestone Lyra was introduced by Cosentino a while back with a veining that draws inspiration from the Carrara marbles. When you apply Lyra anywhere inside your home, it elevates the property value significantly and makes the entire area seem rich and luxurious. Basically, it is resembling one of the most famous marbles in the world, but the advantage is you do not inherit any fuss that is associated with natural stones. These colours sit perfectly in any residential household that wants to insert style in their everyday living. Also, with a quartz worktop, you never have to think twice about scratching, etching or staining.

Silestone Lyra

Lyra is a privilege that a customer would feel honoured to bring home. It is an outstanding creation that do not absorb liquids. Neither does it require a sealing. Other advantages include the absence of micro faults caused by tensions. With such defining features, Lyra stands apart from others.

Silestone Statuario

Statuario is a part of Silestone Eternal Collection. It looks just like marble but with the benefit of the quartz. This surface has a pearlescent white background with delicate grey veins spread all over the slab. Even when you view the cross-section of a slab, the veins run deep through to the other end of the stone and not just etched on the top.

Silestone Statuario

Issues and problems experienced with Silestone

Silestone employs extensive tests before distributing any of its manufactured surface into the markets. These tests include-

1. A drop test- to examine the effects of a heavy impact
2. Tests for scratching, heating, cooling, staining, etching or chipping

Some household consumers had complained that their Silestone Statuario quartz worktops had experienced a crack underneath and through the surface. They also insisted that they did not apply force nor heat that would explain the crack.

Cases of such nature are more common not only with Silestone but with practically any stone, when they are not installed by trained personnel of an authorised distribution center. In some of these cases, the users were never given a warranty either, which would explain the fact that they bought Silestone not from an authorised supplier but from a third-party who neither knew how to install this stone properly nor was able to advise the consumer on the proper way to offer care and maintenance to the surface.

Some other cases involved Cosentino being accused of avoiding to cover the claims permissible under warranty regarding cracking and chipping. These incidents were reported without abundant proof and nature of use of these surfaces after installation was at question. While some homeowners absolved themselves of any wrongdoing, some others have blatantly come out to say that things just happened overnight. Cosentino has a strict policy of not covering unverified claims.

Burn stain:
Silestone is resistant to heat but not extremely, and neither is any other stone. When you put a boil pot of pasta sauce or stew directly on the surface, it is going to leave a permanent stain. Many customers have done just that and have suffered the consequence of an ugly ring-shaped mark on the beautiful Silestone Statuario worktops. Although the right procedures are detailed in the care and maintenance package given by Silestone at the time of purchase from an authorised seller, many homeowners tend to ignore it and assume that nothing will happen if they do it just once. But one time is all it takes.

A certain customer had a complaint that after placing a moderately hot pan on the worktop, he could see sparkly glass crystal ring left behind on the surface. This only happens when the pan is hot or beyond the tolerable temperatures of the Silestone care manual. It is advised to use trivets and stands before placing hot items on the surface. Also, the type of finishing matters greatly. Some are not suited to be used in the kitchen. If a customer only picks what looks good to their eyes and does not consult what they should be getting instead to use in their kitchens, accidents such as that are bound to occur.

Although Silestone does standby its promise to cover repairs and damages, any consumer induced damage is not in the best interest of Cosentino and neither is it fair up to the dealer to cover them. Also, most people do not approach the authorised dealer, instead they approach whoever is closer to their area. Almost every neighbourhood has a strip mall with at one store that sells ceramics and are most likely unauthorised sellers of Silestone products. Since these stones look catchy and stand apart easily, the customer makes a hasty purchase decision from a seller who does not know how to handle or install it.

Silestone application tips
Besides, being the most flexible material, it is available in many sizes and thickness varieties at stores like My Kitchen Worktop in London or any other dealer who is authorised to sell Silestone in the United Kingdom. You can apply Silestone in façades, bathroom walls, sauna, and other areas. Upon application, you will notice the décor possibilities that you haven’t thought of before. Try combining it with wooden furniture and a stainless steel stove, the sight is just splendid.