What is Silestone N-Boost?

Since the onset of Silestone, Cosentino has been improving further through high technology to produce a highly resistant product with intense brightness; resulting in the new N-Boost which supports modification to Silestone’s internal structure by enhancing its properties. It also facilitates tasks such as an easier cleaning regime whilst brining a broad range of spectacular colours to end clients, Architects and Interior Designers.

The benchmark set by Cosentino is an important aspect of the Company’s production of the very practical Silestone which is suggestive for all types of interior designs, refurbishments and renovations.

The ‘N-Boost New Generation 4.0’, is a quartz surface revolution. The stone was first launched back in 1999 and has gone through repeated transformations which include an exclusive protection against bacteria introduced in 2005 and the development of the Matte finishing Silestone in 2012.

What N-Boost does is to work the quartz surface on a molecular rather than granular level resulting in better technical qualities including water repellence, improved colour intensity and a higher shine on its Polish finished surfaces.

Properties of Silestone N-Boost


Silestone contains approximately 94% of pure natural quartz, one of the most resistant and abundant minerals on earth. That is one of the reasons as to why the product is favoured for applications on worktops, walls, floorings, among others; with an ample range of colours.

Other features that compose this product include- stain, heat and impact resistance, practically zero water porosity and is also available in a wide array of textures and finishes including Polish, Suede or Volcano, its durability, and other prominent attributes that have made Silestone the interior product of choice over the last 20 years for applications in kitchens, bathrooms and other interior spaces.

Its characteristics are well-preserved under extreme conditions. Its resistance against internal humidity is one of the many details that make this product more likely for usage. As an example, you can apply it in places such as bathrooms, steam rooms and saunas, since the humidity will not damage or alter the natural properties of the exclusive Silestone worktops colours.


Silestone is the leader in the surface market and My Kitchen Worktop offers standard and choices of dimensions on the different colours and slabs including the standard 3040x1380mm and Jumbo sizes of 3250x1590mm.

Silestone come in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm which will cover any type of application from work surfaces to wall featuring.

You can expand your project to a surfaced wall for your business or home without limits. Furthermore, the market brings broad options due to the peculiarities found in each slab.

The thickness comes in several dimensions, you just have to pick the most suitable for your worktops, and it will fit perfectly in terms of aesthetic value, shape, and size.

Please find below a video that explains the advantages of the new N-Boost features by Silestone:

Picking a perfect Silestone worktop colour requires artistic vision which is found in the advisers at My Kitchen Worktop, located in London, the United Kingdom and hold a good reputation in the market.