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What Makes Slate Kitchen Worktops Unique?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen and install a new kitchen worktop? Or are you a new homeowner in search for that perfect kitchen worktop surface? In both cases, we feel that you should consider installing a slate kitchen worktop.

Slate kitchen worktop and cladding
Slate kitchen worktop and cladding

What makes slate worktops popular?

Slate is a naturally occurring beautiful stone which is primarily formed with the coming together of clay and volcanic ash. It has a very rich history and has been extremely popular for a very long time. The most popular slate is sourced from Italy. However, slate is also procured from countries such as Belgium, France, Spain and the UK.

The advantages of installing slate kitchen worktops

Slate is extremely heat resistant. Therefore, it is perfect as a kitchen worktop because it can withstand the impact of very high temperatures.

Slate, though porous, is does not absorb as much moisture as stones such as marble and granite worktops. Therefore, it requires less resealing and last for a very long period of time.

Because slate is formed due to continuous compression every stone has a unique texture that adds to the stone’s aesthetic appeal. The bluish-grey tones in which slate worktops are available, make them very popular among homeowners.

Things to remember about slate kitchen worktops

Your worktop will require bi-annual resealing to prevent water from reaching the core of the stone.

Do not use harsh cleaning agents on slate kitchen worktops. A pH balanced mild detergent is perfect for it.

Slate is prone to breaking easily. Therefore, make sure that you do not apply too much force or pressure on slate worktops.

Slate worktops are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in the UK. Though expensive, its longevity and durability ensure that ultimately it becomes value for money for those who install them. Slate kitchen worktops can be easily installed in one’s home because of the huge number of quality suppliers within the UK. The base material used by respected suppliers is of superior quality and the suppliers also ensure that they deliver the best material to their clients. Therefore, we believe that you look definitely look into the option of installing a slate kitchen worktop in your home!