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Slate Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Slate is a subtle yet prestigious natural stone and one of the major alternatives to marble and granite worktops. After all, it fulfils the needs of even the most demanding construction sites, be it residential or commercial. Homeowners always prioritise the most durable and elegant worktop surface to meet the needs of their home. One exciting and practical alternative to natural granite and marble countertops has always been the natural slate materials.

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Slate worktops are made from volcanic ash and sedimentary clay that undergo metamorphosis in the earth’s layers and further convert into slate. The layers on the surface are visible whenever you turn this stone into slabs. It gives special characteristics and cleft texture to the worktop, making it unique.

The smooth surface of this fine-grained metamorphic stone is used in kitchen worktops, roofing and flooring. Since designing a home or office is a long-term investment, many designers and homeowners prefer slate surfaces for their mechanical strength and cost-effectiveness. Although they are formed naturally, the worktop material is non-porous and maintenance-free and, hence, suitable for even the busiest areas of any given space.