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What's new from the house of Neolith in 2018?

Neolith is a world-renowned brand offering an extensive range of Sinterized surfaces for both indoor and outdoor worktops, bar counters, benches, floors and walls, etc. Neolith kitchen worktops in London have become extremely popular as they are highly durable, extremely stain and scratch-resistant. They can also take extremely high temperatures as well as working well in extreme cold conditions. Neolith kitchen worktops are also very hygienic due to the fact that they are non-porous, and a beauty to work with due to the fact that light in weight when compared to other stones such as granite or marble. Coupled with the fact that Neolith offers a product with unmatchable looks and that is made in Europe with eco-friendly materials and processes. The brand regularly launches new products and collections to keep pace with the latest design and architectural trends as well as to ensure the continuous growth of an ever expanding range of materials to meet the unique of requirements of each project and case. If you are building a home or are thinking of a renovation, there are a plethora of options from the house of Neolith. Here, we are sharing the favourite colours that we feel will be a hit in 2018. Besides having some of the most exclusive and innovative a material, the team at Neolith has started to put in motion a number of activities this year that will push the brand further into an already strong European presence and develop the British stone and surface marketplace. 1. Modern European designs At the recently held KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) 2018 in California, Neolith along with two European Companies showcased a number of new offerings which emphasized modern European kitchen applications. All the three companies are well-known for offering advanced kitchen designs and technologies. The new collection from Neolith porcelain is aimed at helping households create a gourmet cooking experience with a surface that can withstand high temperature.

Neolith Zaha Stone worktops and cladding in a modern kitchen

2. Two new colours in NanoTech polished finish The “NanoTech Polished” collection from Neolith is a successor to the popular “Decor Polished” range. While glass layers are used in the super-popular Polished Collection which ensures its surface achieves to achieve the high-gloss finish, the new Neolith NanoTech collectionis able to achieve the same level of depth in high-gloss finish without the use of glass. The Collection is already very popular all over the world, and The Size, who is the Company producing Neolith, has further expanded the collection by adding two more colours- Luna and Bombon.

Neolith Bombon benefits from the new NanoTech process which further enhances high gloss in ultra-polished finish

Neolith Luna

Neolith Bombon offers super polished grey NanoTech high gloss surfaces to worktops and splashbacks

3. Four new colour decors that meet the latest trends With the increasing popularity of high-end architectural and commercial architectural surface decor, Neolith has launched four new colours in order to keep up with the latest trends in Interior Design and Architecture.

Three out of the four colours- Mirage, Krater, and Restrostone are part of the “Fusion” Collection by the brand, whereas Calatorao is another new colour, which belongs to the “Classtone” range which offers materials with the looks of natural stone with minimal maintenance. Combined with other a advantages offered by Neolith surfaces; such as being an anti-bacterial product, made with raw materials, these four new colours will be perfect picks for 2018 and beyond inboth modern households and commercial spaces.

Neolith Krater is inspired in natural soapstone which offers depth and pattern in an ultracompact lightweight material

Krater is available in Riverwashed and Silk finishes and in thicknesses 6mm and 12mm. Slab dimensions are available in formats 3200mm x1600mm and 3200 x 1500mm formats.

Neolith Retrostone

Retrostone offers a coarse grain material with Terrazzo looks which originates in Italy in Gregorian Times and remains a classic look across homes and other spaces including restaurants, Cafes and Bars. Neolith brings the best out in Terrazzo with a non-porous material that is super-easy to clean. Neolith Retrostone is available in Silk finish in formats 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. It comes in slabs with dimensions 3200mm x 1600 mm and 3200 x 1500 mm.

Neolith Mirage

Neolith Mirage: it is a creamy stone which evokes the natural beauty of Sandstone, which was one of the main materials used in buildings and establishments in medieval times. Neolith Mirage offers a textured grained surface which surpasses the performance on Sandstone with its many technical characteristics and its ability to repel stains which is only possible with non-porous products. Mirage is available in Silk finish and slab formats of 6mm and 12mm thicknesses which suit cladding and worktops respectively. Slab dimensions come in choices of available in 3200 mm x 1600 mm and 3 200 x 1,500 mm Surfaces in new 20mm thickness Thanks to its proprietary sintering technology, Neolith has also become one of the first companies in the world to manufacture these types of surfaces in 20mm thickness. This has made the Company a market leader in the industry and the only surface provider to offer thicknesses ranging from 3mm and all the way to 20mm. At the moment, 20mm thickness is only available with a few designs such Arctic White Silk, Basalt Black Satin, Pierre Bleue Silk and Neolith Cement Satin. Also, as the 20mm thickness is recently launched, it is only offered by a few reputed Neolith suppliers in the UK. Apart from this, even the 3mm thickness is now available in Calacatta, Strata Argentum, Pierre Bleue, Iron Frost, Beton, Calacatta Gold, Pulpis, and Estatuario. The availability of these popular designs in 3mm thickness has made it possible for households to now use them for interior walls or furniture cladding. In conclusion, with these new introductions in 2018, Neolith is well-prepared to cater to the varying needs of modern households. Combined with the new offerings, the Company now has more than 56 designs across seven different collections in multiple thicknesses, colours and finishes.