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Why You Need to Invest in Silestone?

Silestone consists of natural Quartz (a mineral found in nature that contains oxygen and silicon) along with other kinds of raw materials. These are both are blended, to result in a composition much harder and resilient than natural stone. In addition, the surfaces are practical and resistant to external agents including temperature, and pressure, among others. The stone is used widely today and has applications in the form of countertops, flooring, bathroom tiles, and sidings, among others.

Some of the most common problems that affect other worktop materials do not affect Silestone. As it is a material that is created and manufactured industrially while keeping in mind the requirements of stones that must be used in home. Silestone is also ideal for commercial applications as does not degrade by demanding tasks. It is therefore very popular in restaurants, bars and hotels that require a luxurious yet sturdy decoration material.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in Silestone.

Resistance to Stains

Silestone is a non-porous material and therefore is resistant to stains that are caused by spills. Spillages may occur at any time with liquids such as tea, coffee, vinegar, ketchup, wine, and other kinds of and beverages. Similarly, due to its non-porosity, Silestone surfaces are non-absorbent which means they avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

Silestone Silver Lake Kitchen island

Preservation of Beauty and Aesthetics

It is easy for the Silestone worktops and other architectures to preserve their aesthetics and beauty. As there are numerous additives added to the stone during its manufacturing. The addition of ultraviolet or UV additives lets the stone strength to resist fading, which may occur due to the exposure of UV rays of the Sun. Therefore, you will find your Silestone worktops and sink look as beautiful, fresh, and new even decades later.

Silestone Iconic White Worktops with matching sink
Silestone Iconic White Worktops with matching sink

Resistance to Scratches

Engineered stones like Silestone have immense hardness, which on the Mohs scale is 7 for Silestone. Compared to 6 in granite and 3 in marble, there is no doubts the quartz stone is very strong and sturdy. Due to its extreme hardness, the material is resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches. Other stones such as limestone are also softer, and therefore more prone to scratching.

The Silestone Worktops

Resistant to Acids

A wide variety of materials that are used in the kitchens and in homes have a mild acidic nature and character. Liquids including cleaners used in the bathrooms may also be acidic, and these materials can deteriorate the floorings, as the liquid can cause corrosion of the surface layer of your countertops. Silestone can resist these acids easily, and even if there is a spill, you can wipe the Silestone worktops and upstands to ensure that countertops, sinks, claddings, and floorings preserve their original looks.

Limited Heat Resistance

The popular countertop material Silestone is not affected by heat up to a temperature of 150-degree centigrade (or 300-degree Fahrenheit). Since higher temperatures can affect the quartz stone countertop, it is good not to place the heated pans and pots directly on the surface. You can use the trivets and hot pads for the longevity of your countertops.

Comprehensive Range of Colours and Varieties

You can invest in a wide variety of hues and colours with low Silestone cost. Some of the tones available include blue, green, dark grey, cream, red, and many others. You can also opt for different styles like Volcano texture, Suede texture and/or polished texture and can choose the fine rain, plain and veined styles. Also, recommending to review the Silestone Price Group 2019 for further reference.

Silestone countertops have the antimicrobials added to them during their manufacturing. It is one of the best materials to be used for kitchen and bathroom remodelling.  It is also used in the shower trays, floor and wall claddings as well, apart from being preferred for countertop purposes. There is little or no maintenance required, and you can expect decades of service without any issues or problem. The availability of Silestone worktops online makes the deal even more convenient.