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Compac Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring


Compac Quartz is one of the leading companies that deal in high quality decorative surfaces. They produce both engineered quartz worktops and marble worktops, which are ideal for your home. The Company was founded in 1975, with its Head office in Spain. In addition, the brand supplies high quality products all around the globe. The Surfaces Company is amongst the largest quartz manufacturers in the world with enormous bases across five continents. 

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Worktops for Modern Kitchens

One of the most vital parts of a modern-day kitchen is the worktop. It is the place where you can carry out your culinary experiments and cook up delicious meals. A beautiful and sturdy worktop can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by several folds. Compac Quartz worktops are becoming increasingly popular in most households due to their extreme durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic or modern look for your kitchen, Compac Quartz worktops, UK can be the one you are looking for.

Quality That You Can Trust

If you are looking for decorative surfaces for your worktops, you can trust Compac Quartz, one of the top manufacturers of engineered quartz and marbles for all your kitchen needs. With their head office in Spain, the company began functioning in 1975. Compac products are supplied to most parts of the world, which makes them the biggest Quartz manufacturers across five continents.

The entire Compac team works very hard to bring out the most innovative material and designs to meet every home need. The versatility of Compac Quartz makes it an ideal material to be used for your kitchen worktops, vanity tops, and floors.

About their Worktops

Compac Quartz consists of more than 90% natural quartz, which makes it one of the hardest materials for home needs. The material is made up of natural Quartz crystals, resins, and pigments. The worktops manufactured by Compac Quartz are specially designed to augment the quality and durability of the products. They are carefully engineered to endure heavy work yet retain the attractive look and feel of the Compac Quartz worktops for years.

Compac Quartz worktops UK uses advanced technology that adheres to safety regulations. All Compac products are officially certified for home use by every country. The Compac Quartz material is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified, which means they do not emit any pollutants that may harm the environment.


  • All Compac Quartz material comes with a non-porous layer that does not allow mould and bacteria buildup on its surface.
  • It is heat-resistant.
  • Scratch resistant material.
  • The material does not need any sealers or repellent due to their non-porous nature.

Usage Precautions

  • Prevent putting Compac Quartz surfaces under intense sunlight or UV radiations.
  • Avoid placing very hot objects directly on the quartz surface.
  • Ensure that there is enough gap between the Compac Quartz worktop and other embedded kitchen equipment like toasters, fryers, etc.
  • Do not use chlorine or chlorine-based cleaning products on the surface.
  • Prevent re-polishing of the Compac Quartz surfaces, even Quartz floors.
  • Don’t use paint, degreasing products or anything above the pH level 10 on the quartz surface.
  • Avoid using products containing Hydrofluoric acid or Dichloromethane.


Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the shine and quality of Compac Quartz worktops. Clean the surface with a mild detergent or cleaner and then wipe it off with a dry cloth or towel. To remove stains, dilute a low pH detergent in warm water and rub it on the stain gently in a circular motion. Rinse it off with water.

To remove stronger stains like a dried lime stain, you can use diluted vinegar on the stain, leave it for a minute and then rinse it off with water. For removing food leftovers or makeup from the Compac Quartz surface, use a plastic spatula to remove them and then follow the standard cleaning procedure mentioned above. For any rust stains, use hydrochloric acid to remove them.

Why My Kitchen Worktop?

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