Neolith Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

NEOLITH sintered porcelain is a high performance, compact surface in a large format. It will help you avoid having to place most joints on worktops and counters. The Size, who makes the product, has revolutionized the market with this incredible surface. In addition, the brand has won the Muuuz International Award for three consecutive years.

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In the first place, you can use Neolith both indoors and outdoors. Notably; it is popular in patio table tops, as floor tiles and wall cladding. With regards to interiors, users apply it as kitchen worktops, bar countertops and vanity tops. If you are looking for realistic looks of any material imaginable, this is the product for you.

Secondly, Neolith sintered porcelain is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches. Similarly, Neolith porcelain surfaces are highly resistant to heat and low temperatures. Especially, it can withstand impact and it is also waterproof, making it ideal for areas in contact with water.

In the third place, the brand offers a wide array of designs in different colours and thicknesses. You can choose Neolith slabs of 3200mm x 1500mm and 3200x1600mm. You can also choose from thicknesses (3mm, 5mm and 5+3mm thicknesses suitable for cladding applications.), 6mm, 12mm and 20mm.

The Neolith ceramic worktops installed by our craftsmen at My Kitchen Worktop are making waves in the market space and rightfully so. Their lightweight, big format sintered surfaces, which are both elegant and functional, are making heads turn like no other. The Neolith porcelain sintered surfaces in our elaborate product catalogues are fast gaining in popularity. The advantages of Neolith kitchen worktops are indeed many. Made from completely natural, recyclable products of the likes of crushed stones, Neolith worktops are durable, long-lasting and resistant to the impacts of weather elements.