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Howdens Worktops & Splashbacks

My Kitchen Worktop supplies top-notch kitchen worktops and splashbacks to all Howdens customers in the UK for many years now.

Howdens Worktops

Howdens kitchen worktops are available in various colours and designs to match any interior or style. When the premium natural materials like wood or stone are matched with high-quality laminate Howdens worktops, homeowners get a critical focal point that stands out within the given space.

The best thing about Howdens worktops supplied by My Kitchen Worktop, is that these are available in vast choices of lengths, depths and thicknesses for creating the right size and look for any layout. Even different edge profile designs can be created to achieve a distinct look. For example, a thin profile for quartz worktops can add chic and pared-back style in a kitchen. On the other hand, Howdens granite worktops with a chunky pattern can achieve a premium effect. My Kitchen Worktop offer the specialist template, supply and installation service for man-made materials and natural stone to ensure a reliable and efficient finish that can last for several years. Rather than keeping to a limited number of products on offer, My Kitchen Worktop boasts the most comprehensive library of marble, granite, quartz, ceramics and porcelains for all clients at Howdens Kitchens. In addition, there are exotic materials to choose from that include quartzite worktops, terrazzo and many more.

Howdens Splashbacks

Howden’s splashbacks give a sleek protective cover to the walls near the cooking stove from getting stained and splashed while preparing meals. Since these are available in extremely durable, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean materials, busy homeowners can quickly get a functional cooking space with minimal maintenance.

Just like Howdens kitchen worktops, Howdens’ splashbacks can also be availed at My Kitchen Worktop to complete your design. You can choose from in various on-trend finishes and colours and finishes to effortlessly coordinate with desired decor elements that may enhance a cohesive design. The colour choices available for these splashbacks include neutral shades that add a unique sense of space into a kitchen, dark tones for dramatic effect and some aged effects for creating the vintage-inspired interior. Homeowners can also choose from a wide range of materials, lengths, widths and thicknesses to get a custom cook to suit any layout.

All our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 30 years. Therefore, homeowners can be at peace, knowing that they’re investing in the top-notch products by a reputed brand.

We compliment Howdens’ wooden and laminate worktops ranges with some of the most beautiful granite, marble and quartz in the world at affordable prices.

My Kitchen Worktop offers a Set of 5 drainer grooves Free of Charge to all Howdens clients.

Long-lasting surfaces in granite, marble and quartz worktops that will endure the passage of time for decades to come.

Howdens joinery manufactures its kitchens in Howden and Runcorn with around 500 branches supplying both builders and homeowners across the UK. We, at My Kitchen Worktop work alongside builders and property developers ensuring all Howden clients receive luxurious yet affordable worktops in their kitchens.

Quick turnaround

Our turnaround from template to installation is 5 working days: if we take template on a Monday, installation takes place the following Monday.

Warranty on our products

All our branded products come an available manufacturer’s warranty ranging from 2-30 years for your peace of mind.

We compliment the cabinets made by Howdens with over 5000 stone products of marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, porcelain, ceramics and much more. Our skilled and experienced teams ensure a world class finish is achieved on every undertaken installation, transforming every kitchen in days.

We work alongside architects, homebuilders, designers and clients offering a stunning range of natural and engineered stone surfaces in applications ranging from flooring, cladding, worktops, steps & stairs as well as in commercial and residential projects.

We pride ourselves of offering the best possible service and value at all times. We are approved suppliers of worldwide brands including Silestone, Caesarstone, Neolith by The Size, Compac quartz and bring always new and revolutionizing products by researching around the globe.

My Kitchen Worktop provides premium home improvement products and materials at affordable prices that can be ordered online, in-store or by phone call.


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