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Neolith Arctic White

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Neolith Arctic White is a monochromatic surface made out of sintered porcelain, belonging to the Neolith Colorfeel range by The Size.
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Neolith Arctic White is a monochromatic white surface belonging from the Colorfeel range, perfect for you. With Arctic White you will find a practical product. Moreover, Arctic White was launched with the very first range of Neolith products and has instantly become both an instant classic and a best seller. In addition, Neolith Arctic White is a consistently coloured material. This results in  light and minimalistic looks that will complete any of your designs. Furthermore, this is a classic colour that won't fade with the passage of time. It also performs incredibly well under high temperatures and is resistant to heat, UV rays and accidental impact and scratches. You will notice that Neolith is the leader in Sintered Porcelain surface in the world. With origins in 2009, The Size Surfaces is a revolutionary Company that draws on the experience of its members. The Company has over 40 years of experience in the natural stone industry. Correspondingly, Neolith Arctic White slabs come in dimensions of 3200x1500mm, 3200x1600mm and 3200x1200mm. This allows you to create large seamless surfaces. You will also find  thicknesses in 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20 mm. This will benefit your project in that there are endless type of applications in which this popular sintered porcelain stone that can be applied. Not only Neolith can be used in interiors but also in exterior applications. Some of these include  patios and staircases, balconies and gardens. Other items such as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, floorings, fireplace surrounds and cladding are popular too. If the mentioned was not enough, Neolith offers polished finish with an immaculate sheen on its products. The brand also makes Riverwashed finish for aged and traditional designs or wet areas. When it comes to the Silk finish, you will find that it offers an elegant satin look. It results in an ideal surface to compliment both modern and traditional designs. The Neolith sintered porcelain ranges are comprised by Classtone, which evokes the beauty of natural marble and granite, Fusion with traditional colours and organic looks, Iron with new colours that make possible the inclusion rustic surfaces to industrial designs, Colorfeel which provides simple elegance and versatility with solid coloured designs and Steel which offers colours evoking the strength and looks of metallic elements to any design. Neolith Arctic White porcelain surfaces come with a 10 years manufacturer warranty and do not require sealing or resealing. Further to this, The Size offers a strong products that requires minimal maintenance.

Some of the features and benefits of Neolith products:

- RESISTANT TO UV RAYS: Since the colour is 100% natural, it does not deteriorate when exposed to the sun or extreme temperatures over long periods of time. - LIGHT: The 3 mm board is only 7 kg/m² and the 12 mm board, 30 kg/m² making it easy to work with on any type of application including cladding and wall panelling. - RESISTANT TO HIGH TEMPERATURES: Neolith Does not burn in contact with fire or let off smoke or toxic substances making it a safe material for both residential and commercial premises - SCRATCH RESISTANT: Neolith Surfaces are highly resistant to scratching and abrasion due to the hardness of the material. - RESISTANT TO ICE AND FREEZING: Neolith is resistant to extreme cold and weather conditions, making it suitable for exterior applications which include patio benches, barbecues, table tops and external flooring among many other uses. - EASY TO CLEAN: Neolith is resistant to chemical cleaning agents and although soapy water will maintain its surfaces pristine, other household products can also be used on it. - 100% RECYCLABLE: Up to 52% of any Neolith board is comprised of recycled raw materials. - WATERPROOF: Waterproof and liquid-resistant. With an absorption level near zero, Neolith is extremely resistant to staining and it does not etch. - 100% NATURAL: Unlike other man-made materials, Neolith is Resin-free. Does not release any harmful substance into the environment. - HYGIENIC: Neolith does not release harmful substances, making it completely suitable for contact with food and healthcare environments where both adults and children are in contact with the surfaces.