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Bianco Eclipse Quartzite

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Bianco Eclipse is a very coarse, in between off-white to white-grey quartzite with small and big grey veins varying in both pattern and shade of colour, original from Brazil.

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Bianco Eclipse quartzite is a very coarse, in between off-white to white-grey natural stone. It displays small and big grey veins varying in both pattern and shade of colour, original from Brazil.
This material is also known as Bianco Eclipse granite (Bianco Eclipse is internationally known as a granite in the USA & China and as a quartzite in the European Union), Superwhite quartzite, Superwhite or Moon Rock granite.

Bianco Eclipse quartzite is an extremely strong material and fairly more dense than granite which brings a material that truly lets you feel the best natural stone has to offer. Combined with looks of marble, this natural stone is something really special. It brings perfect mix of looks and performance which allows usage on demanding areas and applications.

The lack of calcium ensures Bianco Eclipse quartzite is ideal for food preparation and work practices in which hygiene is key. In addition to this, the naturally large slabs offer the opportunity to create very large pieces and pattern combinations.

Bianco Eclipse quartzite comes in slab formats with thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm as standard and a wide array of finishes on its slabs including a polished which gives the material a unique glassy look, honed, leather and satin soften and strengthen its vein variations to different degrees.  This is also a stone that has very low porosity and only requires sealing every 18-24 months depending on the area and amount of use received by the surfaces.

There are two main variations on blocks of Bianco Eclipse with the base colour of the sheets ranging in between white/off-white (these are commercially named 'Bianco Eclipse') and to a grey  background (most commonly named 'Superwhite') which can create confusion to those researching for the right type of stone for their project.

Bianco Eclipse is a unique natural stone that does not fail to impress whilst bringing a practical solution to kitchens, bathrooms, walls and other spaces.

Features and benefits of Bianco Eclipse quartzite:

  • Increasingly popular material due to a mix of sophisticated looks with an element of crystalline minerals.
  • Decadent and luxurious
  • Extremely durable
  • Available in earthy colours and stunning appearance
  • Highly suitable for contemporary interiors
  • Adds resale value to any property
  • Honed finished provide vintage and old fashioned looks
  • Easy maintenance regime
  • Naturally strong: third strongest mineral on earth
  • Natural product
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for food preparation areas