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Calacatta Boheme

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 Calacatta Boheme will dazzle visitors and onlookers when displayed in any room, thanks to its outstanding aesthetic features. In addition, you can choose it with an available 10 years warranty from the Naturamia Collection.

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Calacatta Boheme quartzite offers high resistance to staining and scratches, despite its incredible marble-look. Similarly, the toughness of Calacatta Boheme granite adds to the natural beauty of its monochromatic shades. Naturamia Calacatta Boheme can also be availed through the Levantina Collection, offering 10 years residential warranty against staining on this exquisite material. 

Naturamia Calacatta Boheme will dazzle visitors and onlookers when displayed in any room, thanks to its outstanding aesthetic features.

Quartzite is a magmatic rock made from quartz and feldspar amongst other minerals. It occurs naturally below the earth’s surface over hundreds of thousands of years resulting in an extremely strong stone that has been used over many civilizations in construction of buildings and monuments and paving. Most recently, granite has become the material of choice for residential homes as it offers unique and exotic looks, durability, strength and investment value to any property in which it is applied. The lack of calcium in granite ensures the stone does not etch like marble when exposed to acid present in lemons, oranges, etc

Slab sizes will cover areas of between 5.5-metre square and 6.5-metre square, which ensures large areas such as kitchen islands are installed seamlessly.

Standard thicknesses for Naturamia Calacatta Boheme quartzite comes in 20mm and 30mm thickness slabs. Additionally, you can choose from finishes in polished and leathery Vintage which allow for many options in terms of both design and style.

Naturamia Calacatta Boheme is one of the lowest maintenance building and decoration materials

• Natural Stone is not a porous surface and it is one of the most resistant.

• Use hot water and a pH neutral cleaner to keep your worktop looking as good as new.

• Avoid aggressive chemical degreasing and cleaning products. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully before using these products on your worktop.

• Some products will stain Natural Stone and other kinds of worktops. These products are not commonly used at home (in kitchens and bathrooms) and they are therefore considered to be unusual (iodine, ammonia and aggressive degreasers). These products are not recommended for cleaning Natural Stone worktops direct from the NATURAMIA® Collection.

• Care for your worktop by applying PRO TOP evenly to the whole surface every 12 months using a clean cloth soaked lightly with the product. This will ensure that your worktop remains as good as new without the need for professionals.

Features and benefits of Naturamia Calacatta Boheme quartzite:

  • Simple and luxurious
  • Minimal liquid absorption
  • Extremely durable
  • Popular worktop material due to a mix of looks and investment value
  • Available in wide array colours, thicknesses and finishes
  • Unique appearance
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors applications
  • Adds resale value to any property
  • Honed finished provides vintage and old fashioned looks
  • Easy maintenance regime
  • Naturally strong: third strongest mineral on earth
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Suitable for food preparation areas and healthcare facilities