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Compac Unique Carrara

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Compac Unique Carrara offers the timeless beauty of the Italian white marble whilst providing superior performance features. It is made

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Compac Unique Carrara offers the timeless beauty of the Italian white marble whilst providing superior performance features. Different from marble Bianco Carrara, this product won't etch when exposed to acidic liquids and foods. In addition, it is highly resistant to heat, staining and scratches, making it ideal for areas dedicated to the preparation of foods as well as in wet rooms.

Of course, you may be interested in knowing how much maintenance Compac Unique Carrara requires: none. you can maintain these surfaces by using daily cleaning products and in addition, sealants won't ever be required.

Unique Pietra is available in a polished finish and in a Glace finish, offering a matt surface with a velvety feel. You can also avail Compac Unique Pietra in maximum slab dimensions of 3200 x 1550 mm, ensuring you can create large panels with seamless designs.

Besides, Compac Unique Pietra is available in three different thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm, making it extremely versatile to suit any type of application in interior design.

Compac Unique Pietra tiles are available in formats of 300x300mm, 400x600mm, 600x600mm and 600x300mm all in 12mm thickness as special order items.

Compac offers a polished finish and Glace (matt) as standard across their range of products. Ovo (light texture), Concrete (matt texture) and Pergamo (heavy texture) are available as special order.

Compac, the Surfaces Company, is a renowned manufacturer of conglomerate products with 5 lines for their production of quartz and bases in all 5 continents.  Compac started their production back in the ’70s with Technical marble conglomerate which is available to date, supplying some of the most prestigious establishments worldwide.

Is Compac Quartz Heat Resistant?

Yes, it is a heat-resistant product. Nevertheless, if you place hot objects took straight from the stove or oven (frying pans, pots, casseroles, etc.) on these surfaces, they may be irreversibly damaged. Therefore it is recommendable to use mats or cloth over the quartz surface when you need to place hot objects on it. Toasters, fryers and other appliances (hobs, dishwashers, etc.) generate heat, so the surface should be protected by ensuring there is sufficient separation for ventilation so that heat can be dissipated.

Is it necessary to apply sealants on Quartz Surfaces?

No, thanks to its null porosity, no humidity can penetrate the surface, so it is not necessary to use water-repellents or sealants to protect the surface or enhance its gloss, as opposed to other natural stone like marble.

How to clean Compac Unique Pietra Glace Finish

All COMPAC Technological Quartz products and finishes (Polished and Glacé) have the same quality levels and physical-mechanical properties. You can clean polished surfaces with a window spray and a kitchen cloth. For Compac Unique Pietra Glace finish, you can use Barkeepers' Friend spray.

Is Compac Quartz a safe and hygienic product?

Yes. All our Technological Quartz products are certified and approved for home use by official certifying bodies in each of the countries where COMPAC is present. Compac Quartz has a GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certificate, which means that our products contribute to a healthier indoor atmosphere, giving off no volatile emissions. Also, the GREENGUARD Children's & Schools certificate guarantees the safety of this product in schools and other buildings where children spend substantial periods. The NSF also certifies that the products transmit no contaminating chemical elements to food or foodstuffs when they come into direct contact with COMPAC Unique Pietra surfaces.

Compac quartz products come with an available manufacturer's warranty of over 30 years upon product registration at Compac's website.

Features and benefits of Compac Unique Pietra Quartz:

  • Versatile surface that suits contemporary and traditional interiors
  • Realistic look and feel of natural stone
  • No requirement for sealants or additional coating
  • Durability and strength
  • Extremely scratch, stain and impact resistant
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Over 30 Years Available Manufacturer’s warranty