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Granith Verde Parana

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Granith Verde Parana can provide any of your designs with a tropical feel and as a work surface, it offers immense resistance and strength.

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Granith Verde Parana can provide any of your designs with a tropical feel and as a work surface, it offers immense resistance and strength. The stone resembles rocky mountains and peaks covered in moss, brining pure exoticism to any space. In addition, you can choose the pattern of your Granith Verde Parana surfaces in vein or cross cut designs. It makes this green granite an extremely versatile material that can suit any type of theme and design.

Granith is brand the name of a range of natural stones offered by The Size, which makes Neolith Sintered Stone. In addition to sintered stones, the experienced manufacturer owns several quarries around the world. With a similar intention, Granith is the perfect complement by the company, to offer a full range of both natural and man-made stones.

Granith Verde Parana is composed of quartzite and green granite stones which have been hand-picked by the teams at the Size. It results in a collection of stylish, graceful and decorous natural stones that is in constant expansion.

Why choose Granith?

Granith offers beauty and resistance for green granite worktops that you can only find in natural stone. If you are looking for refined materials that are sophisticated and unique, Granith is ideal. Not only that the brand works tirelessly to source innovative and exclusive stones, but it also provides great quality. As a matter of fact, The Size offers a 10-year warranty on all Granith materials for your peace of mind.

Granite and quartzite are amongst the toughest minerals on Earth. Coupled with the fact that the brand only sources stones that have minimal water absorption, you will notice that only minimal maintenance is required.

Additionally, other characteristics of Granith Stones is that they are all hard-wearing and highly resistant to stains and scratches.

Where does Granith come from?

The Size has carefully selected the different designs of each Granith Verde Parana block in quarries located across South America in Brazil. These quarries are sustainable and able to produce the different stones. In addition, there are rigorous quality control and extraction processes in place. The goal is to offer unique and exotic products for those that love natural stone. Not only that you can avail stone from remote locations, but you will also find a privileged geologic composition on each of its materials.

Features and benefits of using Granith Verde Parana:

  • Wide array of shades, thicknesses and finishes
  • Exotic stones with durable characteristics
  • Highly resistant to heat and cold
  • Minimal water absorption
  • High resistance to impact and knocks
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly resistant to stains and scratches
  • Available 10-year warranty