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Meteorus Granite

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When looked at it from far it looks black with silver. when getiing up close or the sun is shining on it all the beautiful detail can be seen in this stone. The background is silvery black and with beautiful purple and red spots of garnet in it
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Meteorus granite is a natural stone with a vintage dark gray to silver base in a brushed finish that comprises a unique pattern of lines and mottles with hints of burgundy that makes this a truly unique material, offering a striking effect to any room in which it is presented. Meteorus Granite is quarried in Mexico, North America and Brazil, South America to the rest of the world, the UK and Europe where it is highly popular due to its unique characteristics. Meteorus is classified as granite rock which due to its mineral make up and composition including igneous rocks formed by slow crystallization of Magma on the Earth’s crust. Granite is mainly composed of pure quartz, mica and other natural minerals which compose this well-known granular stone, used by people since the ancient times of Egypt.