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Terrazzo Dark

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Stone Italiana Terrazzo Dark is a quartz based composite known for its high-performance surfaces and non-porous characteristics.

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Stone Italiana Terrazzo Dark is a quartz based composite by Stone Italiana, known for its high-performance surfaces and non-porous characteristics.  Stone Italiana Terrazzo Dark features spots in different shades of greys, elegantly accented by charcoal black backdrop. Not only that the stone brings past Venetian tradition to any space but is also practical and easy to clean. Because its non-porosity, Terrazzo Dark doesn’t require sealants or coatings. It is the perfect material to use as work surfaces for countertops in kitchens of all types. In addition you can apply large slabs of Terrazzo Dark as floorings, making a perfect addition for classic and modern designs.

Stone Italiana Terrazzo Dark is highly resistant to stains, scratches and impact which makes it popular in bathrooms,  hallways and other living areas. All Stone Italiana quartz products come in slabs with dimensions 3050x1400mm, covering a total area of 4.27 square metres. In addition to large slabs, Terrazzo Dark is available in different tile formats and different thicknesses.  In addition to these features the stone is made with recycled materials which are designed with green economy in mind.

Rather than making a cement-based material, Stone Italiana uses the finest ingredients of pure quartz and recycled ceramic grits, to result in a modern worktop material with appeal of past centuries.

Stone Italiana products are present in international projects including airports, schools, hospitals, universities, supermarkets, shopping centres, offices and other establishments in public spaces.


Features and benefits of Stone Italiana Terrazzo Dark Quartz:

Highly resistant to stains, scratches and accidental impact.

Extensive range of colours with over 100 designs.

Versatile and adaptable to any type of design.

Highly resistant to fire, heat and cold.

Surfaces suitable for food preparation and contact with foods.

Certified as suitable for public areas in airports, hospitals, schools, Shopping Centres, etc.

Hard surface with very limited water absorption.

Extreme durability, consistency and excellent physical and mechanical properties, which make it suitable for wall cladding and floorings.

Avoids the growth of bacteria and prevents mould.

Environmentally conscious production processes.