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Thassos marble is a wide source of inspiration for designers. It has a convenient form to make your space look fantastic and functional. Quarried in the Greek Island of Thassos (where it takes its name from) this marble has been extracted by ancient civilizations, remaining one of the most famous marble types in the world up to date. Thassos Island is located close to the Aegean Sea and comprises a total area of around 146 square miles In Greek mythology, Thassus was Europa’s brother who at the time was kidnapped by Zeus to become the mother of king Minos in Crete. Thassus was credited with being the first person setting foot on this island, hence its name which by the 7th century BC was colonised by the Greeks who founded a school of sculpture on this land. Thassos marble was later exported to other islands where it was used to build temples and other monuments that remain famous today. Thassos marble is easy to clean and thoroughly maintains the integrity of any living space. High-traffic areas, including kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms become a source of highlight, which will astonish everybody. Available in marvellous pure white colour and many finishes including polished with a high gloss and honed with matt effect.