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Unimarble Beige

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Unimarble Beige is marble product engineered under industrial processes that results in a luxurious surface with the natural look of Italian marble.
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Unimarble Beige is a composite marble materials made from over 90% pure marble crystals which are blended with other raw materials, resins and additives that evolve to become a sturdy stone with low porosity and high resistance to scratches and accidental impact. Unimarble Beige offers the natural look of marbles such as the Italian Botticino or Perlino marble with enhanced performance characteristics which make it suitable for areas in contact with water including bathrooms, spa, wet rooms, etc. Offering a delicate beige base and white veins in a random pattern, it brings an earthy material that suits both traditional and contemporary designs in residential and commercial spaces.

Unimarble Beige is one of the five basic colours offered by the renowned German manufacturer and distributor Brachot-Hermant who counts with over 100 years experience in the stone sector. The Company offers neutral colours that can be mixed-and-matched or combined with practically any other colour and object offering enduring surfaces with the natural beauty and charm seen only in natural materials that include marble, granite, limestone and travertine but with intrinsic properties that surpass the performance of the natural stones.  The products are highly suitable for bathrooms, spa and wet areas in contact with water as they help eliminating humidity and condensation.

Features and benefits of the use of Unimarble products:

  • Products that are highly resistant to impact and scratches, with minimal water absorption
  • Neutral colours with timeless appeal and inherent superior strength
  • Size options and available 20mm thickness and 30mm thickness surfaces
  • Inimitable sheen on gorgeous polished surfaces
  • Practical product that can be maintained with PH neutral soap
  • Surfaces can be re-polished after prolonged use to recover their natural gloss
  • Easy to clean and seal
  • Lighter than natural marble, which saves on costs of both logistics and installation
  • Highly popular in applications such as bathrooms, vanity tops, window sills and frames, fireplace surrounds, floors and walls, high traffic areas in shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, etc
  • Cost effective and economical range of materials
  • Ideal product for refurbishments, extensions and renovations