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White Onyx

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White Onyx is a natural stone originally found in Persia, Iran and Pakistan, countries which quarries the material and gets it exported to the UK and Europe.

During its formation process, it is a banded variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony which is also present in other gemstones such as Agate. The colours of its bands from black or white to almost every colour, depending on the mineral make up of a given block.

Bianco Onyx presents a light translucent white background with varied hues, including natural markings in ivory white and golden tones, forming  a random pattern in a material that offers unparalleled natural beauty and strength to interior and exterior architectural areas alike.

This Onyx type is a unique stone that brings sophisticated looks and luxury to any environment. Its translucent nature not always allows for backlit applications including bar counters, restaurant bar tops, reception desks and feature walls.

White Onyx is suitable for use in worktops, walls and floorings. It requires little maintenance whilst providing exclusive looks in both interior and exterior applications that require natural stone that offers a refined appearance with incredible performance characteristics and strength.

Onyx is a fairly intricate stone to work with, recommending experienced professionals to carry out its template, supply and installation. It offers the possibility of having stunning pieces across surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathrooms, cladding, and islands.