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10 Best Silestone Eternal Collection 2019

Quartz is a surface material with outstanding properties, especially when it comes to kitchen worktops. It is a combination of a high composition of pure natural quartz crystals and other raw materials which are particularly hard and tough, resulting in non-porous stone materials that are highly resistant to stains, scratches and impact. Silestone is the brand name of the quartz range of products manufactured by Spanish giant Cosentino who has been trading quartz products since 1990 with a huge success due to its superior performance characteristics and great natural stone looks. These characteristics make Silestone worktops an ideal choice for surface material for any kitchen countertops, flooring, bathrooms and wall sliding amongst an endless array of interior applications in which their products are suitable for.

Silestone is a non-porous surface and is highly resistant to stains caused due to any other everyday products such as lime juice, coffee, vinegar, heat,etc. Quartz kitchen worktops offer modern and reinvented looks. Being made with the latest technology, Silestone offers best colours choice along with stunning looks and also anti-bacterial properties that have been added to the stone. The beauty of quartz is similar to natural stone, and it is available in a variety of colors and amazing textures.

Silestone Eternal Collection 2019

1. Silestone Calacatta Classic - Silestone Calacatta Classic looks stunning with uniform greyish veins extended across the slab with a see-through look, evoking a genuine resemblance to real stone. It’s elegant and subtle looks keeps it often in demand. Calacatta Classic is an 2018 addition to the popular Silestone Eternal Range which has become a preferred range of stone amongst households in the UK.

2. Silestone Calacatta Gold - Silestone Calacutta Gold depicts the spirit and essence of the ItalianCalacatta marble. The large grey veins over a pure white base along with a touch of gold look striking. It also looks like luxury portrait. Silestone Calacatta Gold is available in slabs with thicknesses of 12 mm, 20mm and 30 mm thicknesses and Jumbo slabs with dimensions of 3250x1590 mm which can cover the largest panels in a seamless fashion, embellishing interiors of any type.

3.Silestone Blanco Zeus - Silestone Blanco Zeus showcases craftsmanship that is remarkable. It sparkles through details and a polished finish and also delivers superior performance. It is a best seller across the globe due to its timeless appeal and simplicity which goes well with any type of style whether traditional, eclectic or modern. Silestone Blanco Zeus extreme comes in standard slab dimensions 3040x1380 mm and Jumbo slabs of 3250x1590 mm, offering the right size surface for any design. It is also available in polished; Suede and Volcano finishes which offer heavily and slightly textured surfaces to match any property style.

4. Silestone Gris Expo - Silestone Gris Expo is a solid grey color that is best suited for busy and active surface because it is resistant to scratches, stains, heat and household chemicals. This Silestone colour is ideal for those who need a softer alternative to a black surface in their kitchen. Grey worktops have become a classic surface decoration in 2018 as they offer a tone that disguises marks from daily use, grease and water; making the maintenance of the surfaces very easy for those who don’t have much time to look after their kitchen worktops. Silestone Gris Expo is available in all thickness ranging from 12mm to 30 mm and in both standard and Jumbo slab sizes as well as in finishes in polished, Suede and Volcano which can easily adapt to classic and industrial themes. Last but not least, the product belongs to the Price Group One from Silestone which means it is affordable and can suit most budgets.

5.Silestone Cemento - With extremely mind-to-dark grey speckled colour. Cemento Spa is stain resistant and along with the modern technology of anti-bacterial properties in the stone which makes it an ideal choice for a hygienic kitchen worktop. Silestone Cemento offers a slightly different shade of grey to that of Silestone Gris Expo, with finer speckles that offer the look of the traditional building and decoration materials such as cement and concrete but with a much easier maintenance regime and without the need of ever having to be sealed.

6.Silestone Lagoon - A grey-white material with faint veining. Silestone Lagoon is non-porous and stain resistant stone product that comes with the exclusive N-Boost treatment with anti-bacterial properties and liquid repellent characteristics, providing the finest look of Carrara marble with a product that is vastly superior in terms of how it performs in a kitchen worktop application. Silestone Lagoon is available in 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm thickness; standard and Jumbo slab sizes and in all three finishes polished and Suede (matt) which makes it extremely versatile for any type of design and interior application whether on kitchens, bathrooms, floorings, etc.

7. Silestone Ariel - Silestone Ariel comes in a brilliant white colour background and a natural suggestive vein, which are subtle and with less prominent veining/ markings that those seen on other Silestone quartz colours such as Lyra. It generates a classic and pure appearance and is suited to design schemes that require the marble look but without necessarily overpowering the space. It is also recommended for modern spaces and small kitchens as its brilliant backdrop ensures light reflects on to its surfaces, making spaces look bigger that they may be.

8. Silestone Miami White - Silestone Miami White is a milky white stone along with timeless beauty. It goes with every style and colour scheme and is versatile when creating the latest trend of interiors in the kitchen. Miami White is a recent addition to the Silestone quartz range, which aims to offer a neutral coloured stone that offers simplicity and versatility with a sturdy stone, at very reasonable prices. The product comes in 12mm, 20 mm and 30 mm thickness and is available in standard slab dimensions of 3040x1380 mm. Silestone Miami White price is in range with the Silestone Price Group 2 category which can adapt to practically any type of budget.

9. Silestone Iconic White - Silestone Iconic White is one of the most brilliant white quartz stones currently available in the marketplace, and it can be adapted to any surface due to its radiant white appeal. It is the whitest of white stones. It ensures to bring in light and beauty into the kitchen and is also an easy to maintain surface. Iconic White was launched in late 2017 with it counterpart Iconic Black, which is an offering by Silestone with simple and homogeneous quartz materials that won’t fade in shade or quality with the passage of time.


10. Silestone Marengo - Silestone Marengo comes with a greyish brown finish and it looks very elegant. It brings in a royal touch which seems ravishing and modern without overpowering the room in which it is applied. Silestone Marengo belongs to the Price Group 1 from Silestone, alongside Gris Expo, Cemento, Silestone Blanco City and Noka. Marengo is available in standard slab dimensions of 3040x1380 mm, polished and Suede finishes and thicknesses in 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm thickness which have made it very popular due to its perfect mix of great looks and affordable price.


Marengo by Silestone is also improved with the latest N-Boost technology which further enhances its stain resistance, liquid repellence and antibacterial properties.

All Silestone quartz Worktops colours come with an available manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years by registering your installation at Silestone’s website.