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10 Most Popular Marble & Granite Worktops for 2018

Marble and granite are two of the most popular options for worktops both across homes and commercial properties in the UK. They are classic stones which enjoy a widespread popularity in traditional as well as contemporary surroundings. Created by Mother Nature, marble and granite are known for their beautiful appearance, durability, and minimum maintenance requirements. Further to this, marble and granite come in thousands of different shades, colours and patterns which vary across the blocks of different minerals composing each unique granite or marble slab.  With so many types of natural stones to choose from, it has become easier than ever before, to find marble and granite worktops for practically any type of property and budget. While materials such as Crystal White marble or Absolute Black Granite are evergreen options, other stone products are making a mark too.

If you are looking for some of the best marble and granite worktops for 2018, we have a list of 10 top recommendations.

  1. Bianco Eclipse granite (quartzite)

Originally from Brazil, Bianco Eclipse granite (quartzite) is a coarse off-white-to-grey surface with grey veins of different sizes throughout the surface. Quartzite is actually converted from Quartz Sandstone which is very popular for its durability and versatility. Bianco Eclipse quartzite offers a unique surface stone that looks like marble (rich and defined veining) but performs more like granite (as by lacking calcium, its surfaces don’t etch when in contact with acids from foods and juices. It also comes in huge slabs with dimensions ranging between 2800x1800mm all the way up to 3200x1950mm which ensures most kitchen worktops can be supplied out of a single slab of material.


Bianco Eclipse granite
  1. Bianco Carrara marble

Bianco Carrara marble continues to attract homeowners from all over the world and the UK. The Italian marble is highly affordable and well-known for its strength and classic looks. Be it home or office, Bianco Carrara is definitely a great option for several applications. Bianco Carrara marble is available in thicknesses ranging from 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm and finishes in polished, honed, satin, leather and leather which makes it highly versatile and timeless for any type of design style.


Bianco Carrara marble
  1. Statuario marble

If you are looking for a surface to blend with other elements of your kitchen easily, Statuario marble is a great option. If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, the white and grey colours of this surface would shine and create an illusion of having a bigger space. Statuario marble comes from the northern quarries in Italy. Statuario is a premium material with stunning looks that will never fail to impress.


Statuario marble
  1. White Macaubas granite (quartzite)

The glossy finish of White Macaubas granite (quartzite) in a polished finish, is what sets it apart from a lot of other surfaces. It has an off-white base with striking brown and dark grey veins which creates an elegant focal point in any kitchen setting. Just like with most quartzite, White Macaubas is a distinctive material that displays the looks of the most stunning marble but acts and behaves like the toughest granite. These are the main properties which have made White Macaubas granite a very popular natural stone in the UK in recent years.


White Macaubas granite
  1. Black Fusion granite

The majestic looking Black Fusion granite, is quarried in Brazil and is very popular for the dramatic effect it can create in both indoor and outdoor applications range from kitchens, bathroom, flooring, patios and terraces. The natural veins in orange, ochre, and white across a delicious deep black background make this beautiful granite a great option for worktops in 2018.


Black Fusion granite
  1. Calacatta

While the Calacatta marble is increasingly available in many different variations, the original surface is still extremely popular for worktops in properties that require a luxurious natural stone. The pure white surface with classic thick grey veins and delicate golden tints comes in different sizes and patterns, including book-matching options that makes up for an interesting choice in any kitchen.


  1. Cosmic White granite

If you want your worktop to have a Royal look, Cosmic White granite in black and white fusions can be an excellent choice. It helps create an unparalleled ambience in the kitchen and is available in several finishes like Flamed, Honed, Polished, Bush, Anticato, etc. Cosmic White granite is a distinctive granite original form India with a swirly veined pattern that will surely dazzle passers and onlookers without having to increase your renovation budget.


Cosmic White granite
  1. Nero Marquina (Negro Marquina)

Nero Marquina (Negro Marquina) is a popular marble which can be used as a worktop material and even more popular for kitchen splashbacks, due to its beautiful fossil fragments and white calcite veins on a refined black background. As the surface contains a large amount of organic carbon, it is not recommended for flooring applications but is a great choice for surfaces that require a classic marble with stunning looks.


Nero Marquina
  1. Estremoz White marble

Estremoz White is another marble option which is widely used in both interior and exterior design and architectural applications. The classic white marble with finely scattered rose tones is quarried in Portugal and is preferred by homeowners for the modern and luxurious ambience it creates by bringing a warm material into bathrooms, living halls and kitchen splashbacks. Branco Estremoz from Portugal is a preferred marble for traditional and period properties in need of a sophisticated marble.


Estremoz White marble
  1. Pietra Grey marble

Pietra Grey is a grey natural marble with beautiful white veins which move in different directions throughout a classic stone surface. This marble is very popular for its versatility is its mid-grey backdrop facilitates designs that require a finishing material that blends well with both modern and traditional settings. Pietra Grey is original from Italy and comes with distinctive veins and fairly low maintenance requirements when compared to other natural marbles.


Pietra Grey marble


If natural marble worktops and granite worktops are what you are looking for in 2018 for pristine kitchen worktops, these are 10 of the best options available right now in the UK marketplace. It is essential you carry out research and understand your specific requirements, ensuring you can decor of the kitchen on budget whilst selecting tight type of materials for your project. In case of queries, look for surface providers that offer comprehensive consultation and proven reliable services.