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3 Brands to trust before buying Kitchen Worktops in London

Kitchen Worktops are a long-term investment, and thus, one must use caution and research while buying one. Quality is the first concern here. To make your job a bit easy, here are top three brands that you can trust while buying worktops and kitchen tops in London.

If you are looking at buying worktops or kitchen tops for your house, then the first thing to consider is the quality of the products. As you are making a long time investment here, a poor quality product will not only mar the beauty of your interiors but also will demand huge replacement cost in future. Now, as you start searching for granite worktops or kitchen tops in London, you’ll have to decide on the material first. In case you are going for a wooden one, Wickes worktops are the best options you have. As for stone ones, you’ll get some excellent options there too.

So, here are three brands that you can trust while buying worktops and kitchen tops in London.

1. Silestone: Silestone is one of the best stone worktops brands in London. The brand offers amazing quartz surface countertops, kitchen tops and also provides integrity sinks to complete the look.

2. Wickes Kitchens: If you are looking for wooden countertops then Wickes worktops in London are the ultimate choices. The brand offers solid timber worktops that’ll give a classy look to your interiors.

Iif you are looking for long-lasting and luxurious worktops, My Kitchen Worktop offers a competitive range of quartz worktops to complement your Wickes kitchen.

Compac Vanille quartz worktops

The wood used by the brand is amazingly durable and comes in various textures and colours to suit your requirements. In case you want to go for a little budget friendly option laminate worktops from Wickes can be an excellent choice.

3. Compac: Compac is again an excellent choice for stone worktops. The brand is the second largest Quartz suppliers in the world. Compac offers engineered Quartz stones in various colours and textures. You’ll get bright colours such as red, orange, green as well as textured shades of whites, greys.

All these three brands are great. Although you’ll get a number of other great brands too for stone worktops, in case you prefer woods then sticking to Wickes worktops in London would be the best option. We at My Kitchen Worktop are one of the most reputed suppliers of these worktops in London.