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How to choose the perfect shade of white quartz stone for your kitchen from 3 leading brands

White quartz stone: Most people assume that white, as a colour may be difficult to work with as it may be too boring or monochromatic. They could not be more mistaken. White is the one colour that never goes out of fashion and one of the very few, that you can actually pair with any other colour and object to enhance your kitchen’s interior space.  Since the colour represents everything that represents what is pristine and pure, it is known to evoke a positive and relaxing emotional reaction to those who may be preparing foods as well as cooking and eating in the space. Please bear in mind that if you are living in a small flat with a reduced size kitchen, white as a medium can be used to make the space look more spacious than it actually is. Even in large spaces, white can be used effectively to emanate warmth!

One of the best ways to use white in stone formats for any design, is White quartz that is probably the most popular choice among homeowners, as well as with architects and interior designers. High quality white quartz stone surfaces from brands such as Silestone, Compac, and Caesarstone offer white stones in many different shades, from pure white to greyish, creamy white and silver. The different shades and designs are created to meet a wide-variety to style and budgets requirements.

If you are planning to buy white quartz stone for your kitchen but are unable to pick the right shade, the below-mentioned tips and recommendations will make things much easier.

  1. Use different shades of white quartz stone

If you aim to create an all-white kitchen, avoid using a single shade of white as it may cause for your kitchen look flat and/or dull. You are more likely to need a warm space, rather than a sterile environment. Mix and match different shades of white in a very same room,  as It is a great way to add the right amount of interest and dimension to the space in which it is displayed.

As an example, Silestone Miami White is a pure-white quartz stone which is highly versatile. When you are selecting the shades, do not mix cool whites with warm whites. Cool whites appear bluish while warm whites may look more yellowish. The apparent colour variation may be bound to the surroundings of the stone as in reality white quartz is a monochromatic material that when seen in a polished finish, it tends to reflect the images from other areas.

Since styling is about breaking norms, if you think you can mix the two shades of white well, do go-ahead and try it.


  1. Use a popular material

Materials you use in your kitchen reflect your personal style and can add layers of warmth. There are enough options to choose from, amongst the wide variety of stone materials available for construction and decoration- quartz, marble, granite, quartzite, porcelain, ceramics – all of these come in a range of different white finishes.

Instead of only using the popular quartz as the unique material for your design, you can also consider other popular stones. Combine Silestone Blanco Zeus and Carrara Marble - the clean white look of Blanco Zeus perfectly complements the exuberance of Carrara - leading to a beautiful interior, one in which your friends and family would love to spend time in. If the plan is to use only quartz, as previously mentioned, use a different tone of white against another one, or maybe a wooden ledge, to break the monotony and create an appealing kitchen decor.


  1. Add some texture

Texture is an important aspect in any kitchen, especially if you are focussed on creating a room which implies the colour white. Visual and tactile differences in textures of materials and shades could add both depth and variation to your kitchen interiors.

A simple trick used by most interior decorators to achieve the right depth in any room, is to combine a smooth surface with a rough one or a matte finish with a glossy accessory. Use Silestone Classic White for its smooth texture and team it with leathered granite worktops, well-known for its natural and rough look. Or a matte-finish marble with gold-glossed drawer handles will bring an element of royalty without the opulence.


  1. Know the accent colours

White pairs well with practically any other colour in the palette, and it is for this reason that professional interior designers as well as architects have a field day choosing the accent colours. Homeowners looking to create a trendy look may sometimes overdo when it comes to the accents. Before you choose the accents, finalise your surface material.

Lighting, seating, rugs, hardware, backsplashes, and counter top canisters are some of kitchen accents that can add colour to a kitchen.

A dark and bright cynosure will just make the white of your stone brighter. If you are planning to use materials such as Silestone Iconic White quartz, the colour accents will boil down to your individual preferences and choices - green, red, orange, yellow, brown, blue - there are endless different shades and tones to choose from. As an experienced team in terms of design and construction, please let us give you a word of caution: it is always best to avoid using too many colours in an all white kitchen, it acts as a distraction. Instead, choose two-three colours and accentuate the interiors!


  1. Consider the amount of light in the kitchen

A kitchen may not have large windows to stream in natural light. But even the smallest ray through a ventilator or a skylight, will be enough to enhance the warmth and brilliance of a white kitchen. Identify which areas are receiving the natural as well as artificial lights, and which ones are receiving these least. Choose your materials accordingly.

Consider a stone such as Compac Absolute Blanc which is available in both polished and matte (Glace) white quartz stone finishes. Some people will advise you to use the cooler shades of white, and others will tell you to look at the warmer shades. Request a sample which is completely free at most reliable stone suppliers, and if possible imagine how the whole block would look when installed. There are no hard and fast rules, but just some colours will look more appealing in darker spots than others.


  1. Add softness

As previously mentioned, a white kitchen can look sterile and unwelcoming. One way to make it warmer is with the use of fabrics and objects such as curtains for large windows. Fabrics soften the harshness of a pure, white kitchen. Use floor runners, smaller rugs, or even bar stools with fabrics to accentuate your kitchen interiors.

White quartz stone such as Compac Glaciar featuring faint white flecks will work perfectly with different fabrics and hues. Brown leather bar stools, or a runner with yellow daffodils, will just amp up the kitchen space. Again, a white kitchen is about serenity, thus once again the advice is, do not to use too many fabrics and tones.


  1. Kitchen with a lot of seams

Kitchens without seams are incomplete, because they are required to join edges or two materials. They are supposed to be smooth and prevent moisture from seeping in or out. Some people love to leave the seams open while others love to cover them.

A patterned white stone such as Compac Alaska may look good with seams. You can decide to cover the seams with a white paint, or use a fabric in bright tone of red or yellow to instantly catch attention.  Experiment with the different patterns and textures, and it is a good idea to use the same material and design to cover all the seams.


  1. Don’t forget the splashbacks

No kitchen is complete without a splashback, and homeowners spend the same amount of time choosing these, as they do while choosing quartz worktops for their kitchen worktops. Needless to say, you need to consider its type of material, pattern and colour.  Splashbacks made from 3D tiles, mosaic stone, herringbone pattern, and painted bricks are currently in vogue. The one thing you may wish to consider if going for small formats such as Metro tiles, is that they may require to be more thorough when cleaning as there will be a lot of joints and seams to go through when carrying out this task.

You can choose a stone to match the backsplash instead of the other way around. A Stone splashback can complete the room with charm and grace. Also since they can be made bespoke from slabs, you can get a single piece to act as a splashback in a minimalistic fashion.

Caesarstone Pure White quartz can be an excellent companion to a white and trendy splashback. Warm whites match better with bright backsplashes.


  1. Experiment with tonal whites

Not interested in an all-white kitchen and instead interested in shades to match your white quartz surfaces? - choose stones with subtle tones. You can match the tone with the fabrics, accents, and colours of the kitchen to create a natural and warm ambiance.

Caesarstone Organic White is one such material as it has a pattern variation that is distinctive when looking at a large piece. Look for a reputable stone surface or worktop provider in the UK to explore amazing options of beautiful organic whites with subtle or bold tones.


  1. Consider artificial lighting

Though this was partially mentioned under natural light, the placement of your artificial lights when picking a white quartz surface is of immense importance. Artificial lights can be divided as - task, accent, decorative, and ambient. A well-lit and warm kitchen will focus on bringing in all four elements, but in a small kitchen, you will need to choose which one to use.

The uniform structure with very fine flecks and neutral white surface of Compac Luna is a treat for the eyes when light falls on it. The versatility of the stone, surface and colour makes it an ideal pair for the unique styling needs of the homeowners.


In conclusion

White quartz stone in kitchens have always been considered sophisticated and timeless, and they continue to be a very popular choice for both homeowners and industry professionals across the country. They need to be warm places to combat the moisture-laden outdoors and long, snowy winters. The beauty of white kitchens comprises the fact that they are transcendental, meeting both conventional and modern tastes.

The materials used will significantly affect the overall appeal of your kitchen. Want to use quartz stone with marble, but don’t know how - it is better to seek the help of a professional. Go with reputed stone surface providers in the UK while finalising a stone or a slab or a cabinet.

The above mentioned recommendations in a variety of white quartz stone are designed to make your job easier. But, one thing you need to remember, you are your own person, and if going against the grain is what you want, splash all the colour you possibly can in your white kitchen.