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Choose Stylish Quartzforms Worktops to Renovate Your Kitchen

The striking Quartzforms worktops are created of 92% natural quartz, 7% resin and 1% coloured pigment. Quartz is known to be the most durable and robust materials on earth, even harder than granite.

When quartz is combined with other minerals and unique bonding agent under high pressure and temperature conditions, Quartzforms worktops are developed to give style and durability to modern homes.

How are Quartzforms worktops manufactured?

Quartzforms kitchen worktops are manufactured in Germany and then transported to the UK. A professional on-site team works on shaping, organising, finishing and polishing this worktop. The resulting worktop slab is a gorgeous block of stone that is likely to enhance any kitchen design.

What are the applications of Quartzforms?

Quartzforms UK worktops are great options for kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, backsplashes, staircase and fireplace surrounds. These can be used for quirkier units as well, such as shelving and tabletops.

In commercial spaces, Quartzforms can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, pools, spas, bar countertops, tabletops, and as flooring to add a luxurious touch to a given area.

Properties of Quartzforms Worktops

Here are some remarkable properties of Quartzforms London worktops:

Quartzforms Mars

Quartzforms Mars
  • They are fireproof, as their surface is not flammable.
  • The surface of Quartzforms Planet Mars, as well as other collections, is no-porous. So, no water or moisture will seep into its surface.
  • The surface of Quartzforms worktops can absorb heat, so it is recommended not to put hot pots or pans directly on its surface.
  • These worktops are also resistant to stains, including tough stains caused by wine, tomato, coffee, etc.
  • Quartzforms' surface is also difficult to scratch. So, you can even chop any food items on its surface without a chopping board.
  • As a non-porous worktop material, its surface won’t retain any bacteria or virus. Hence, it’s hygienic for kitchen and bathroom spaces.
  • Unlike natural stones, Quartzforms is not likely to react to acidic substances like vinegar, lime or certain household cleaning agents.

Different Quartzforms Designs to Upgrade a Kitchen

Here are some unusual colours from the company’s accessible Quartzforms Planet Collection:

1. Quartzforms Planet Mercury: With light grey veins, Quartzforms Planet Mercury is ideal for the interior where you require subtle aesthetics. If you want a worktop that requires minimal maintenance, Quartzforms is a good option. All you need is a clean cloth and mild household cleaner or soap for cleaning its surface.

Quartzforms Mercury

Quartzforms Mercury

2. Quartzforms Planet Venus: Displaying randomly spread white veins on the purest white surface; the gorgeous Quartzforms Planet Venus is the perfect design in the brand’s latest collection. Besides its functional properties, it brings the elegance of the solar system into any living space. It comes in different thicknesses, varying from 30mm and 20mm to 12mm. It can be used for creating kitchen islands, wall cladding, splashbacks or countertops with minimal joints. The most enormous Quartzforms slab available on the market measures 3200 x 1640 mm. Therefore, you can even go for a seamless finish with this jumbo slab.

3. Quartzforms Planet Jupiter: The gorgeous Quartzforms Planet Jupiter boasts a brown background with a beige veining pattern. It shows off the natural effect of high-end marble without any flaws of natural stones. It is also easy to clean and maintain. If you are looking for a new worktop surface with a classic pattern or design, this dark-brown surface can be the right option. It comes in different thicknesses, such as 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

Quartzforms Planet Jupiter

Quartzforms Planet Jupiter

4. Quartzforms Planet Neptune: Boasting elongated grey veins on its white surface, Quartzforms Planet Neptune quartz is designed to bring the natural celestial touch to your cooking space. This worktop design is likely to make you feel at peace and relaxed with its pristine natural ambience. Since it combines nature and the latest technology, the worktop surface makes you think out-of-the-world. This striking design is suitable for commercial spaces, such as bars, restaurants and other hospitality-driven areas, as well.

5. Quartzforms Planet Saturn: The Quartzforms Planet Saturn is designed to offer natural earthly vibes of limestone with subtle light veins and elegant designs on its surface. Inspired by the natural aesthetics of galaxy, this worktop evokes the eternity and calmness of space and brings it to modern interiors. Besides the natural-looking pattern, this Quartzforms worktop is easy to maintain.