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Compac Unique Calacatta: Get this must-have Quartz Worktop before it's sold out again!

As the name suggest, Unique Calacatta quartz is an exquisite stone in every technical aspect due to the rich composition of approximately 95% quartz, minerals, 5% pigments and additives. Its elegant white background with grey striking veins that sketch creative art of this material combines with all design projects in residence and/or commercial spaces including boutiques, restaurants, hotels and bars. The stone brings features found in the timeless Calacatta marble from Italy with absolute perfection. Its sheer elegance becomes even more vibrant when applied in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of any residential property or commercial premise. Its majestic pure white background produces light, making the room appear more spacious and brighter. Compac Unique Calacatta is an everlasting material and resists scratches, stains, humidity, heat and cold. Further to this, the manufacturer of the material warrants its superior characteristics by providing an available warranty of over 30 years upon product registration in the UK. Unique Calacatta quartz will suit any type of interior application including worktops, wall cladding and floors with available thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm. Slab dimensions stand at 3250x1600mm which are ideal for having extended pieces without any joints.

kitchen island with built-up edges in Compac Unique Calacatta quartz

The above image shows a kitchen island with built-up edges in Compac Unique Calacatta quartz in a polished finish

Compac quartz worktops are utterly hygienic and require very low maintenance. Its usage has no limit which makes the surface ideal to use in surroundings where the bacteria tend to proliferate often as it practically zero porosity avoids harbouring any germ. Interior Designers, Architects and Home Builders state that it is the one of best solutions for construction and decoration created over the last 20 years. For commercial use, professional decorators and shop fitting Companies highly recommend it to compose with receptions desks, bar, restaurant and hotel counters to impress guests and clients whilst retaining its pristine looks for decades. The stone transforms these buildings into exclusive monuments of contemporary art. Unique Calacatta quartz is the third hardest materials on earth, after diamond and Ruby. When used in high traffic areas like staircases, floors or hallways, the stone delivers superior performance, ease of maintenance and a modern appearance whilst remaining intact at all times. That is why they suggest it as one the most suitable products in interior decoration for 2017 and 2018. For homes, the specialists in construction mostly apply it on kitchen worktops and flooring due to the powerful level of hardness and intrinsic resistance of the product. It can also be applied walls, because it comes in standard thicknesses of 20mm and also 12mm for light weight surface requirements and it matches with all furniture and styles including modern, traditional and empire. Another excellent proposal worth mentioning is to use the surface in bathtub and shower surroundings as well as in table tops. This material is the perfect replacement for marble in every aspect imaginable.

Compac Unique Calacatta Glace finish

The above image shows bathroom with floorings and wall cladding in Compac Unique Calacatta Glace finish

Why is Compac Unique Calacatta better than natural marble?

Whether it may be in small or large slab formats, your dream décor is available in different sizes and finishes, including Polished with an exclusive high sheen and Glace, which is a matt finish that feels soft and silky at touch. Thanks to the rich properties of Compac Unique Calacatta quartz, the greatest benefit is that the stone does not only offer diversity in size but the innovation attributes with rare nuances and patterns that bring natural beauty and a sense of calm to any interior space. You will feel the difference in terms of performance and ease of maintenance and feel privileged by the value that this material brings when compared to similar stone types such as Calacatta Oro or Statuario marble. Furthermore, it does not require sealing. It is a sustainable material with all the characteristics of marble in appearance, durability, and utility. Unique Calacatta is the symbol of modernisation of construction and architectural design solutions.

Is Calacatta recommended for outdoor applications?

No. Whilst the classic white seen on Unique Calacatta quartz speaks for itself by offering a visual impact that makes the whole difference in architecture, the material is made with resins that may get affected under exposure to UV rays. It is therefore not recommendable for exterior applications as the product may discolour over time under direct light of the sun. Unique Calacatta quartz worktops by Compac matches with the green of backyards with sophistication when used for an apartment rear extension. It is truly a robust product that is the most befitting substitute to natural marble.