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Give A Stylish Look to Your Kitchen with Beautiful Granite Worktops

Granite is one of the most widely used materials for crafting worktops in kitchen. While there are many other options available out there to make kitchen worktops, like glass, stainless steel and marble, this is the stone that stands out due to its elegance and the durability that it offers.

Alexander Black Granite Worktops

A kitchen is an integral part of a home that just cannot be ignored. Whether you are looking to re-model the interiors of your home or building a new one, special attention has to be given to kitchen. While flooring and walls play an important role here, choosing classy worktops are essential too. And, when it comes to worktops, granite worktop is one of the most widely chosen worktops all around the world. Not only are they elegant to look at, but also durable.

Blue King Granite Worktop

Granite – Elegant and Durable

Today, there are variety of stone designs that can be suited with your home, based on its colour, design and architecture. Especially, the granite worktop, marbles and the black granite worktops look quite elegant. Granites are best fitted in kitchens and they are mostly preferred for worktops because of its hardness and strength.

Alaska White Granite Polished

Types of Granite Worktops

The range of granite worktops could be overwhelming for any buyer. From Ambla white to blue pearl, the range is endless. However, Black granite worktops are the most widely and commonly preferred choice as they go well with the light wall colour of the walls. Some of the popular black granite worktops are Zimbabwe Black, Tropical Black, Stargate Cosmos and Regal Black.

Antique Brown Polished Granite Worktop

How to choose Granite Worktop for your Kitchen?

It is very important to choose the right granite for your worktop that matches with the cabinetry and walls of the kitchen. Black granite worktops go well with contemporary kitchen and light coloured cabinetry. If you have wooden cabinetry, go for the white or light coloured granite.