How to make that new worktop work for you!

An efficient kitchen to a home is much like what a good worktop is to that kitchen. It not only ensures that all your appliances find a permanent sitting spot but also lend a really stylish look to your design. Worktops are essentially a balance of style and usability. They are there for a purpose but it’s also necessary in order to really work that style quotient.

Compac Ice Concrete Composite Quartz Worktops

Compac Ice concrete composite quartz worktops

Now, you may be remodelling or you may be starting to construct that perfect kitchen for your home. A worktop is one of the essential elements around to which you can design the rest of it. The appliances, the rest of the modular kitchen, as well as the splash backs and much else should be chosen once you have decided on our worktops. Although if you are confused with the initial decision, we have some simple materials and colours to choose a worktop and make it work for your kitchen. These tips, when followed do not only give you an elegant space but also ensure it reflects your individuality. Let’s take a look at how we can make great worktop choices: Materials- Of course, this is a big decision. It’s going to be the foundation for every other worktop decision you make. There are a number of different materials available from granite worktops to white marble worktops. In case you want to do a simple, easy to maintain worktop, then a solid surface option such as composite worktops can be the thing for you. Looks- The look of your worktop should be a combination of both the right shade as well as the right pattern. No matter what material you choose, there’s going to be a variety of colours and shades in which it is going to be made available. Envision your entire kitchen, how this space is going to look with the rest of the house as well as the colour of the appliances you choose. Also, choose the pattern accordingly. Don’t choose too much of a stained or a grainy worktop if you want an understated elegance for your kitchen. Of course on top of it all, you want worktops that are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. If you want to buy any of these, a composite worktop or a white marble worktop amongst others, simply contact My Kitchen Worktop and a team member will be pleased to go through all possible options with you. We guarantee a beautiful and bespoke, quality worktop for your kitchen.