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How to Choose the Right Surface for Your Kitchen?

Every cook whether amateur or professional, dreams of owning that perfect kitchen.

Apart from pots and pans, the most important part of the kitchen is your worktop. Worktops vary from everything like granite and sandstone to teak and cedar; this is a preference that varies from person to person. People who are more practical tend to lean towards engineered stone such as quartz worktops as it is easy to clean and it never corrodes. Older houses normally have expensive wooden worktops that require a lot of care, maintenance, and frequent cleaning. Laminate and natural stone such as granite, marble or quartzite are other popular choices for worktops. Laminate is quite popular as it can be made to look like a number of other materials and is quite cheap and cost effective too. Laminate is also easy to clean up and can be paired easily with other materials like wood and stone. Although Laminate is easy to work with, it won’t be a product that lasts a lifetime.

Taking into account lifestyle choices

Many times worktops are chosen based on lifestyle, and people with a lot of children at home would choose child friendly materials and avoid glass and other surfaces that scratch easily, like stainless steel. Though stainless steel scratches easily, some people feel these scratches add character while other people who want everything spotless avoid this material. Different parts of the kitchen often require different worktops and a laminate worktop for example would not be the best choice near your gas range. For the work surface area around your gas range you would generally look for something heat resistant like granite worktops or composite stone so you can put your hot pots and pans directly on it.

Compac Carrara quartz
Kitchen worktops in Compac Carrara quartz (above) are a perfect and classy combination for Howdens’ kitchens

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Hygiene is often the most important concern in kitchens and commercial kitchens and stainless steel or quartz stone are first choice here. Brands such as Silestone are household names for a worktop surface created by Cosentino; it is a composite material of pure natural quartz and resins that have high resistance to heat and scratches. This surface is also quite common among hotels and restaurants as it is non porous, stain resistant and also has antibacterial properties. Wood is often a nice looking choice for a worktop and some woods like teak are fairly water resistant, although wood may eventually rotten with the passage of time.

The best worktops in the UK

Everyone who has ever made a mess in the kitchen knows how important a good splashback is, and these can be either in stainless, glass or tiles as they are easiest to cleanup. Howdens Joinery is the UK’s leading manufacturer of worktops, splashbacks, and all fitted kitchen appliances. Howdens is also the only trade-only business that has been selling to professionals since 1995.

My Kitchen Worktop has been working alongside Howdens designers for years and are familiar with the different Howdens kitchen worktops ranges they supply.

Since Howdens is not a stone worktop specialist, they work with My Kitchen Worktop who supplies natural marble, granite and quartzite as well as engineered stones such as quartz from Silestone, Compac and Caesarstone amongst other leading quartz brands in London and 100 miles radius areas.

Together these Companies supply the perfect combination of value for money kitchen units and stone worktops, with client satisfaction as a first priority.

Sourcing material and managing installations can often be expensive and time consuming, and visiting mykitchenworktop.co.uk could save you both time and effort.

It is often a wise choice to purchase a kitchen that represents value and to install beautiful stone worktops will make it look sophisticated and expensive overnight.

At mykitchenworktop.co.uk we strive to achieve beautiful kitchen worktop installations with a complete service right from choosing the material to having it installed in your kitchen.