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How to Declutter Your Kitchen Regardless of its Size

While space issues can be understood with small kitchens, most of the full-fledged family kitchens too, suffer from the very same problem. If it is not actually the space that is creating the problem, what is? In most cases, it is due to the lack of practicality and/or smart thinking. Don’t worry if you are finding difficult to have enough space in your kitchen, as with the help of a few great tips; you can easily declutter it irrespective of its size or shape.

  1. Only Keep Things You Actually Need

Rather than you are being the one working for the kitchen, it should be the kitchen working for you. Stuffing the worktop with things you only use once or twice a month or perhaps even less and visiting multiple cupboards just to make a cup of coffee every now and again is not really a practical way to use the kitchen. Let go of the things you never use and move the ones you need rarely need to make space for what is important and used frequently instead.

Kitchen Redesign

  1. Organize Things so that you can Easily See Them

The excitement of trying a new recipe often makes us buy a lot of ingredients which we later find were already stuffed behind in the cupboard. This usually happens because you may not be keeping all things organised. When you end up buying things that you already have, you are unnecessarily stuffing your kitchen. Make sure that everything in the kitchen, including the ingredients in the cabinets, are well-organised so that you can easily see them, avoiding purchasing the same items many times.

Renovate your Kitchen

  1. Eliminate Endless Spares

Most kitchens have cutlery and crockery to cater at least 20 people when the size of a typical family size is of not more than 5 dinners. Almost every kitchen tends to have excess of plates, glasses, mugs, spoons, forks and knives, etc. than needed. We think that they are useful but never really use them. Ever. Realistically, you don't need more than what is required to comfortably cater to the needs of your family and just a few spares for visitors. And if you want to stay prepared for a party, look for storage spaces outside the kitchen if required but don’t openly display them.

  1. Think Smart

There are several innovative ways to free up some space in the kitchen. For instance, there are now worktop materials that are highly resistant to scratches. You can install such worktops if you are already planning to replace the current one. This will eliminate the need for a cutting board and a host of other additional kitchenware. Similarly, if you have jars in the kitchen cupboard, replace them with packets or group the items in baskets as the jars due to their curved build consume a lot of space. Decluttering your kitchen will start with you. Most of the clutter is because of your habits and choices and with a bit of smart thinking, you can surely have all the space you’ll need.