Marble Effect Worktops: Quartz Alternatives to Marble for Worktop that look as Elegant

When you are planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, finding the right worktop can be a daunting task. If you are someone who has his/her heart set on brilliantly white marble, then you must know that marble gets stained easily and it needs high maintenance. So, it is important that you start considering the alternatives of marble. This post will list out some alternatives to marble. Keep reading.

A Kitchen worktop should be such that it lasts through daily kitchen accidents. Choosing something durable yet elegant is a challenging task. Many people love the bright look of marble and its timelessness, but marble can scratch and stain easily. Everyday kitchen essentials such as coffee, lemon, vinegar and red wine can leave permanent stains on the marble. Carrara quartz has come quite close to Carrara Marble worktops in terms of texture and the look it renders.

If you want your worktop to look perfect all the time, then perhaps marble is not a right choice for you. Here are some great alternatives from Silestone worktops, Compac, and Caesarstone that provide a similar effect with better durability.

1. Silestone:

Silestone is made of 94% natural quartz, and it is highly resistant to stains, scratches, etc. Quartz is one of the hardest natural minerals; thus Silestone is super-durable.

• Ariel (Silestone)

Off-white colour with the natural hints of the veins makes Ariel a perfect alternative to Carrara marble. These natural patterns will surely provide your kitchen a timeless look.

Ariel Silestone

• Lyra (Silestone)

Lyra is perhaps the closest alternative to Carrara marble. It has a similar white base with grey veining just like marble, but it demands much lesser maintenance.

Lyra Silestone

• Silestone Lagoon

It is terrific alternative for marble. There are no worries of etching and staining. It is a white stone with subtle smudged veins which makes it look similar to marble.

Silestone Lagoon

• Silestone Calacatta Gold

Silestone Calacatta Gold is much more neutral in tone. It is a rarer and pricier stone which has more defined strokes. It is a desirable stone and has brown and gold veins. It offers warmer tones to the house owners.

Silestone Calacatta Gold

• Silestone Statuario

It is a composition of 90% pure crushed quartz and remaining 10% is resin. It provides a solid and uniformly colored surface. It provides elegance with classic look.

Silestone Statuario

• Silestone Cygnus

It the most popular Silestone with non-porous, scratch and stain resistant property. It can be easily used for kitchen worktop surface.

Silestone Cygnus

• Silestone Blanco Orion

Silestone Blanco Orion is an exclusive natural quartz surface used to decorate bathroom and kitchen. It’s range of color variations, texture and top-notch performance makes it perfect for use.

Silestone Blanco Orion

• Silestone Marquina

Marquina gives an exotic smooth finish to the kitchen. This worktop surface is ideal for smart homes.

Silestone Marquina

• Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

Since blacks are in the trend, Charcoal Soapstone Silestone gives a classic look to your kitchen.

Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

2. Compac Quartz:

Compac worktops are non-porous and stain resistant. Additionally, they are also durable, scratch proof and even resistant to extreme thermal conditions. These good qualities, combined with elegant colors and perfect finishes offer countless possibilities for kitchen design.

• Compac Carrara (Compac)

Carrara quartz by Compac has a classic appearance and it comes in the polished finish. Qualities such as minimal penetration, low maintenance, and durability make Compac Carrara a highly preferred option for bathroom or kitchen worktops.

Compac Carrara

• Compac Unique Calacatta

Absolute Blanc Compac quartz is the ideal choice for worktops as it is resistant and elegant looking. It is a versatile material that opens up the endless possibilities of its application in the kitchen design.

Compac Unique Calacatta

• Compac Perlino

Compac Perlino is popular for its smooth touch and flawless finishing as the kitchen worktop.

Compac Perlino

• Compac Portoro

Compac Portoro is known for its resistance and elegance of high quality, with a highly eye-catching appearance. These countertops are ideal for bathroom and kitchen interior furnishings.

Compac Portoro

• Compac Noce

Compac Noce is a flexible material which is available in a varied range of pieces and decorative pieces.

Compac Noce

3. Caesarstone

Caesarstone is composed of 93% natural quartz worktops, and has a non-porous surface that requires minimal maintenance to keep them looking as good as new.

• Frosty Carrina (Caesarstone)

Caesarstone’s Frosty Carrina is a good match for marble because it has longer veining similar to actual marble. It is available in warm white color. These non-porous surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain.

Frosty Carrina Caesarstone

• London Grey (Caesarstone)

London Grey is primarily white with black lines. It is a much more practical worktop that truly brings the essence of marble.

With these great alternatives, you are all set to buy the perfect kitchen worktop for your home. They will certainly give your kitchen a bright and contemporary look. While not many stones can replace the elegancy that is offered by Marble, some of these stones come quite close and are easier to maintain as well.

London Grey Caesarstone

• Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

Calacatta Nuvo contains elegant, grey veins upon a white opaque base. It gives a long-lasting impression and upgrades the quality of design finishes.

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo

• Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

Statuario Maximus features broad warm grey veins, which is running extensively through its soft white base, making it look more wonderful.

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

• Caesarstone Bianco Drift

The beautiful texture and classic look of Bianco Drift gives stylish look to the kitchen and bathroom.

Caesarstone Bianco Drift

• Caesarstone Emperadoro

This worktop gives a smooth earthy feel to the kitchen worktop, thus making it more extravagant and flawlessly beautiful.

Caesarstone Emperadoro

• Caesarstone Misty Carrera

If you’re fond of mist and hue, then Misty Carrera gives a rich appearance to your kitchen and bathroom.

Caesarstone Misty Carrera

• Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil

The magnificent impersonate look given by Dreamy Marfi to your kitchen and bathroom slabs, makes it preferable for those wanting to give more personality to their home.

Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil

• Caesarstone Taj Royale

Your kitchen blended in Taj Royale means an exotic marble finish to your kitchen or bathroom

Caesarstone Taj Royale

• Caesarstone Piatra Grey

Ideal for those preferring a sleek and sophisticated look, Piatra Grey has made its way into many homes.

Caesarstone Piatra Grey