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Neolith Price Groups for the UK in 2019

Reportedly, Neolith is one of the bestselling worktops in the last year in the UK. Various warehouses and showrooms offering Neolith are likely to see increasing demand for this worktop material in 2019.

Neolith Price Groups for the UK in 2019 are categorized into six parts. Each category consists of one, two or more revolutionary, Neolith worktop materials, which are formed using Ultra Sintered Technology.

What is Neolith?

Neolith is a Sintered Stone, resulting from a fusion of porcelain and ceramic – both mixed together with glass, quartz, feldspar and silica. It is further super-heated and ultra-compressed for producing an extremely strong and durable stone.

neolith mont blanc worktops
Neolith Mont Blanc

This durable worktop material has a leading edge in the market, not just because of the wide range of colours but also due to the durability and hard-wearing nature of the material. Read more what is Neolith?

Neolith in the UK market:

Often a great result is expected out of Neolith sales in the UK market due to positive neolith reviews . In addition, the brand has a truly high potential to grow further in the coming years. The new range of Neolith uses raw products and its surface colour will not fade away. It is also suitable to extreme temperatures – whether hot or cold – while being resistant to many household chemicals.

Furthermore, Neolith is 100% recyclable and completely waterproof. This makes it an ideal selection for both kitchen and bathroom countertops.  Many manufacturers, suppliers and warehouses invest in this worktop material, despite some uncertainties in the market. This is because they believe in the growth and potential of this high-end surface product. They do expect the UK market of worktops to grow constantly in 2019 and also in 2020 and 2021.

The Neolith worktops range is available in satin, river-washed, silk and polished finishes. It also comes in a 6mm and 12mm thickness. So, it is suitable for worktops, as well as wall cladding and flooring.

Some specialize in fabricating Neolith wall cladding, worktops and flooring for both exterior and interior of any size project. This material is exceptionally stunning and incredibly hard-wearing at the same time. Neolith is suitable for exteriors as unlike other man-made stones such as quartz, it can actually sustain exposure to UV rays. Additionally, there are many ranges of colours, including exotic marble, in which Neolith is available to spruce up any home interior.

The colour options are also numerous, ranging from subtle white to more modern and rustic metal. The slab sizes available are 3200×1600mm. Thicknesses range from 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm in slab formats. They also are available in tile formats in thickness 1500×1500mm or 1500×750mm, which is ideal for flooring. The Neolith price depends on the slab thickness, colour and length of the selected slab.

Why choose Neolith?

  • It is Highly-resistant to scratches and abrasion
  • It is resistant to high temperatures and to cold weather too
  • It is also resistant to chlorine, bleach, chlorine, ammonia and hydrochloric acid
  • It is 100% natural and recyclable
  • Being non-porous and hygienic in nature, it is suitable to install in areas that have contact with food
  • It is completely waterproof, as its absorption level is almost zero
  • It comes with an available 10-year manufacturers' warranty