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Quartz Worktops: Why They Work?

For those who do not know, quartz as a material is created by the fusing together of granites, mirror chips, quartz stones and resins. These when infused together form a completely sealed and polished surface. This material is popularly used in worktops, wall cladding and tabletops in kitchens etc.

Compac Perlino Ambient Worktop                                                            

Compac Perlino[/caption]

There are a number of dealers selling quartz work surfaces in London and talking to one or more of them, will revel why these worktops are such a popular choice.  Out of the many brands available Compac quartz worktops are the most in demand.


Compac Nocturno Ambient Worktop                                                        

Compac Nocturno[/caption]

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Quartz work surfaces are totally stain proof. In a kitchen this quality is invaluable. All the dealers selling quartz work surfaces in London will vouch for the fact that no spills ever seep into the material and this also means easy maintenance.
  • They have a non-porous quality that makes them impermeable and this effect means that they do not need sealing like other materials such as granite worktops. This also discourages bacteria and mildew from thriving anywhere on the surface or close to these worktops.


Compac Rubi Quartz Worktops

Compac Rubi Quartz[/caption]

  • One of the other reasons and one that makes Compac quartz worktops quite a favorite is that these kind of worktops can be produced in large number of colors as well as finishes. In effect they can be matched to almost any kind of interior decor.
  • Also, these worktops are durable and strong with a high resistance to heat. They do not scratch easily and even if they do, the scratches can be sanded out. In a high activity area like the kitchen, all these features can turn out to be very high points.


Compac Snow Ambient Worktop

Compac Snow[/caption]

Keeping all these great features in mind, it is hardly a surprise that quartz worktops come out on top for most people. With a decent enough budget thrown in they can be the answer and the best solution to all kitchen worktop problems.


Compac Kenya Worktop

Compac Kenya[/caption]

Looking for a great kitchen worktop? Go for quartz today and get a solid return on your investment today!