Is Quartzite the most Desirable Natural Stone Right Now?

Stone surfaces trends change fairly frequently in the interior world and also in architectural spaces. However, quartzite is a material whose popularity has only expanded further in the past few years. Increasing number of households throughout the UK and all around the world are buying this favoured natural stone, especially for kitchen and bathroom installations. But what are the reasons that make quartzite so popular? Let us have a look.

1. Highly Durable

Quartzite is one of the most durable natural stones on Earth. As a matter of fact, it is more durable than granite which is known for its strength and resilience. Apart from its supreme durability, quartzite is also less porous and has a higher density as compared to other materials such as marble and most granite worktops. As long as the surface of your stone is sealed, chances of staining are so minimal that it will last for years. While there are now options like Bianco Eclipse Quartzite which is very dense and tough, reputable stone suppliers still recommend that you seal the surface of your quartzite worktops for enhanced safety.

Bianco Eclipse quartzite

2. Minimum Maintenance

As a kitchen worktop material, quartzite requires minimum maintenance. While there are many different types of quartzite surfaces with different levels of porosity, the overall maintenance requirement is still lower than almost any other natural stone surface. Generally the lighter the natural stone is, the more care is to be had with spillages from foods and liquids such as wine, coffee, ketchup, juice, etc.

It is also recommended to use pH balanced soap for cleaning the surface to avoid damaging the finish. Nowadays these can be purchased online at very low cost and one bottle will last a few years.

Taj Mahal quartzite

3. Quartzite Looks like Marble

While marble is very popular for its classic beauty, it does have with a number of disadvantages when compared to quartzite. Quartzite can be an excellent alternative to marble, especially White Quartzite that looks almost like white marble yet it can be more durable. Whilst marble is in great part composed by calcium, the absence of calcium is what makes quartzite acid-resistant; eliminating any possibility of having its surfaces etched with lemons, oranges and similar items.

You can find several quartzite materials in white which perfectly resemble popular marbles like Carrara and Calacatta. Some examples are Calacatta Brazil quartzite, White Macaubas quartzite and Bianco Eclipse quartzite.

Calacatta Brazil quartzite

4. Cheaper than Most Natural Stones

Although quartzite is not cheap, when compared with other materials, it is still cheaper than the expensive varieties of Calacatta Oro Marble or Statuario Extra while providing a look as striking as the classic Italian stones.

While there is no shortage of quartzite surfaces that are priced similar tohigh-end natural stone surfaces such as marble, it is easier than in previous years to find a wide range of quartzite options. Only the rare or exotic quartzite is usually known to be expensive.

Avalanche quartzite

5. Colour Options

While the colour choices with quartzite are less than with man-made materials for obvious reasons, quartzite is an exotic stone that is unique and offers unrivalled beauty.

But don’t worry as you will still more than enough of options to choose from. The base colour of quartzite is usually white or cream as seen in materials such as White Macaubas Quartzite, but you can find surfaces with blue, red, brown, and even green hues. The minerals at the location where quartzite is formed are responsible for these deep and varied yet unique hues.

Although there are now innumerable options when it comes to man-made surfaces, natural quartzite with its high durability, hardness, and low maintenance and colour choices is surely an amazing choice. Look for a reputed supplier of quartzite worktops, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs and budget.