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Trending Marble-Effect Silestone Worktops in 2020

When planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s quite a tedious task to choose the right worktop material. If you are someone who deeply adores the beauty of marble but scared of dealing with its porous surface that could easily stain, scratch, chip, or etch, you must look for some practical marble alternatives.

The marble-effect Silestone quartz is one of the best alternatives to marble. Since you need a worktop that could withstand daily kitchen accidents and spillage, investing in marble-like quartz is a great option. The engineered quartz is manufactured in factories with 90% natural quartz and 10% polymers and resins. This makes it one of the most durable worktop materials available in the market.

Another great thing about Silestone quartz is that its manufacturer, Cosentino, keeps bringing stunning worktop colours that mimic natural marble. Yes, you can get that perfect look of marble with Silestone and that too without dealing with the issues of the natural stone.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the most popular Silestone Colours available at My Kitchen Worktop:

1) Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold: Boasting a soft touch, Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold features a clear white background with gold veins drawing lines across the slab. The Calacatta Gold is a new addition to the company’s Eternal range, which evokes the natural appeal and beauty of classic Italian stones without carrying the inherent issues of natural stone. It is available in the dimensions of 3250 x 1590 mm and varying thicknesses of 30 mm, 20 mm and 12 mm that will go with any application, including flooring, worktop, cladding, etc.

Silestone Calacatta Gold

2) Silestone Eternal Calacatta Classic: The Silestone Eternal Calacatta Classic also has a white base with a bold veining effect all over its surface. It is a great worktop slab for embellishing any kitchen with the beauty of classic white marble. Moreover, the unmatched resistance to scratches and stains make it a perfect choice for busy homeowners. If you wish to add the looks of famous Italian marble to your home without dealing with its issues, this quartz worktop is an excellent choice.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold quartz

3) Silestone Ariel: Made by Cosentino, this quartz stone is available in a wide range of light grey options. This helps in bringing the subtle and serene effect of textured and blurred veins into the interior. This style is likely to integrate with any interior decor while offering a pleasant feel of brightness and calmness to the given space.

Silestone Ariel

4) Silestone Lyra Quartz: This is a beautiful quartz worktop with an off-white tone backdrop and striking veins running in a random pattern over its surface. This material offers you natural aesthetics and a stunning warm feel of the classic natural marbles like Bianco Carrara and its varieties. This is probably one of the closest alternatives to natural Carrara marble. Unlike marble, it demands less cleaning and maintenance.

silestone lyra quartz close up

5) Silestone Lagoon: This stunning worktop is a gorgeous reinterpretation of the famous Italian Bianco Carrara marble. However, its superior performance makes it easy to maintain and doesn’t need any sealant and coating to prevent staining and scratches.

Silestone Lagoon