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Diresco Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Diresco is a quartz manufacturer based in Belgium. Diresco has production capacity of 4,000 m² of material per day which makes their product highly available in almost any colour. Diresco quartz is made under the Breton license, meeting NFS and all European standards. With almost 40 colours and 3 different finishes within their ranges, Diresco quartz is a natural choice for kitchen worktops, vanity tops and flooring applications due to its stain and scratch resistance, maintenance-free properties and versatility in design and colour. 

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Diresco Quartz Worktops for your Kitchen

Are you looking for a kitchen material that is durable and maintenance-free? Use Diresco quartz for your kitchen and experience the best of elegance and quality.

About Diresco Quartz in London

Diresco quartz suppliers are based out of Belgium. They takes great pride in being the only compound stone producers in North Europe.They are one of the largest producers of quartz material in the world with a production capacity of 4000 square meters of material per day.

Diresco quartz supplier is the reputed producer of high-quality Diresco Quartz, made under the Breton license. The material meets NFS and all European standards and offers you a kitchen worktop that's heat resistant, scratch-proof, spot-free and long-lasting. Diresco quartz's multifaceted properties make it suitable for kitchen worktops, vanity tops, and floorings. The material can be used in combination with stone, wood or glass or create unique architectural masterpieces. Diresco London quartz is available in 40 different colour options and 3 different finishes to complement every kitchen.

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