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Travertine Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Travertine worktops are one of the most amazing natural stone surfaces that are available in various styles to complete any home or commercial project in the most affordable and fastest ways. Travertine is a naturally available limestone created by pebbles and sediments deposited by rivers. Due to the stylish appearance, softness and durability, many decorators, designers and developers have opted for this stone for a long time.

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My Kitchen Worktop has a wide range of natural stones, including travertine worktops. Travertine has been categorised as a limestone formation made of calcite. Just because of the presence of calcite in travertine, this worktop surface is softer compared to conventional limestone.

Limestone, available in its natural state, is formed after years of exposure to pressure and heat. On the other hand, naturally available travertine has been attributed to the base of water bodies, such as lakes and rivers, by the accumulation of mineral deposits.