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Quarella Gris Ceniza

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Quarella Gris Ceniza quartz is an engineered stone by the leading Italian manufacturer of composite materials with over 40 years in the market. Quarella Gris Ceniza presents a light grey backdrop with fine graining and darker grey speckles throughout its surface, offering looks that only natural stone such as marble or granite can bring to any room in which it is displayed. The name of this colour comes from the literal meaning of ‘Gris Ceniza’ to English ‘Ash Grey’. It belongs to the Living Collection of quartz products which was conceived with the aim of offering long-lasting surfaces with a natural looks, reminiscent of natural granite and marble but with superior performance when it comes to its strength, stain resistance and low maintenance. Quarella quartz provides a great alternative to traditional stone types such as marble, granite and/or limestone as it never requires sealing with aims of improving the quality of life by creating surfaces that bring together the unique beauty that is typical of the “Italian lifestyle” being the Mission Statement of this Company. Gris Ceniza quartz is available in slab format with dimensions of 3070x1410mm which allows for seamless surfaces without the need of joints. It also offers thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm which will suit any type of interior application including worktop and flooring as well as a lighter 12mm thickness quartz slab which helps in the installation of wall panelling and splashbacks. Quarella offers a product made with approximately 95% pure quartz and a mix of resins and additives that characterize each of its amazing designs. It is available in finishes such as polished with a unique high sheen and Smooth, Velvet and Chenille finishes for higher slip-resistance for wet areas including bathrooms, wet rooms, spa and swimming pool. Quarella quartz surfaces boast over 40 years experience, producing highly aesthetic products with traditional yet advanced technological qualities of products being ’Made in Italy’ which are known worldwide by their ultimate calibre and attention to detail.