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10 best Compac Quartz Surfaces for 2018

Compac is a leading surfaces company headquartered in Spain. The company was established in 1975 and has remained a favourite of architects, designers and homeowners looking for quartz surfaces since its inception. Over the years, the Company has launched several surfaces in many collections and colours being a truly original researcher and developer of new materials, in order to help homeowners create the dream home that they always wished for. With so many options to choose from, it is not always easy for potential buyers of stone surfaces to pick the best type for their home. To narrow down some the wide array of the options available from this renowned quartz manufacturer, we’ve created a list of 10 of our favourite quartz surfaces from Compac quartz in the UK for 2018.

1. Compac Unique Venatino

Unique is a recently launched collection from Compac and Unique Venatino is one of its best inclusions in it. Compac Unique Venatino has a pure white background with grey veins made out with impeccable definition, spread throughout an immaculate surface. This Compac quartz colour is available in polished as well as Glace (matt) finishes to perfectly suit the individual needs of the homeowners across any design style, be it modern, contemporary, or period flair.


2. Compac Unique Calacatta

The famous Italian Calacatta marble is probably one of the most popular natural stones of all time. When compared to the classic Calacatta marble, Compac Unique Calacatta has an extreme resemblance with darker grey veins to expand the luminosity and elegance of the surface. Unlike Calacatta Oro marble, Unique Calacatta is warranted for its extreme resistance to stains and offers a stone surface that won’t etch when exposed to acid substances from foods such as oranges and lemons as well as for colouring foods including wine, coffee and ketchup wnsuring your investment will be protected for many decades to come. Despite is initial cost, Compac Unique Calacatta brings value for money when accounting for the lack of maintenance requirements over the years needed on the natural Calacatta marble.


3. Compac Carrara

Carrara too, is a very popular Italian marble; as a matter of fact it is actually the most famous marble in the world; which it has been commonly used in building decor and sculptures since ancient times. Compac Carrara exhibits the beauty of the real Carrara marble in the best possible way while also combining it with the beneficial physical characteristics of modern quartz to offer better aesthetic, functionality and durability. Compac Carrara quartz was launched in 2015, becoming of the first quartz stones made with Bio resins (from vegetables rather than polymers) within the Nature Collection which not only resembles natural marble stone with perfection but that also cares for the environment during its manufacturing processes which comply with EU standards and regulations.


4. Compac Unique Marquina

The white striking veins on the pure elegant black base of Compac Unique Marquina can easily transform the dullest of decors into one of the most dramatic and appealing designs. Sophisticated and elegant, this quartz surface can be a great option for worktops, tabletops, bathroom surfaces, shelve, and even reception desks. Unique Marquina reinterprets the famous Nero Marquina marble from Spain but brings a superior surface with higher resistance to stains, scratches which won’t ever require sealing. Unique Marquina is available in Giant slabs with dimensions 3200x1600m which are ideal for super-sized island that require seamless designs.


5. Compac Absolute Blanc

If you are looking for something simple, clean and neutral, Compac Absolute Blanc is definitely a great option. It is a bright white quartz surface without any veins or fragments to help you create a soothing ambiance in your home. The surface is available in matt (glace) and polished finishes and with thicknesses ranging in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm it can be easily mix and matched with other surfaces. Compac was the very first Company to launch a pure white quartz surface material in collaboration with renowned designer Karim Rashid back in the early 2000’s, becoming a worldwide best-selling product. Other Companies soon followed suit, yet the purest Absolute Blanc remains one of the most popular white quartz colours until now.


6. Compac Alaska

Alaska too is one of the most affordable quartz surfaces from Compac quartz. It is a mottled off-white surface that when seen across large panels, resembles the beauty of the Alaskan mountains and landscapes with a surface that has minimal maintenance requirements. Compac Alaska belongs to the Price Group 2 of stones and makes for affordable luxury available to every UK home. If you are looking for a surface in large size, the minimal design and timeless appeal of Compac Alaska is sure to look amazing.


7. Compac Nocturno

With Nocturno, Compac has replicated dark night sky full of stars on a very resistant quartz surface. The shiny black background of Compac Nocturno is decorated with white flecks throughout, making it an excellent choice for any modern decor. CompacNocturno also belongs to Price Group 2, ensuring it remains an affordable option for properties that require a luxurious yet durable material for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of any house. CompacNocturno comes in slabs with dimensions 3050x1440mm and thicknesses ranging in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm making it a versatile product in interior and architectural design.


8. Compac Ice Zement

Compac Ice Zement looks similar to a cement construction which makes it one of the unique offerings from the brand. This cement-white quartz surface is highly versatile and can be used for several applications at residential and commercial spaces. It brings a white clean material that compliments industrial and rustic designs by brining an offer that requires minimal maintenance compared to real cement which may bring a lot of issues for interior design applications, especially in kitchens. Compac White Zement offers a higher slip-resistance to quartz materials in a polished finish, making it one of the best choices for bathrooms and commercial flooring applications that require a product that will remain intact for many years to come.


9. Compac Gray Zement

Compac Gray Zement is a couple shades darker than Ice Zement from the Compac brand, but it carries the same durability and strength. If you have an industrial or contemporary decor at home, Grey Zement can be a great option to further add up to its beauty. Different to real cement materials, CompacGrayZement reinterprets the concrete-cement looks with ease and gorgeousness with a product that won’t stain, etch nor scratch in applications including kitchen worktops, bar counters, wall cladding and flooring alike. CompacGrayZement quartz comes in slabs with dimensions 3050x1440mm and belongs to the Price Group 4 from the Compac quartz brand.


10. Compac Glaciar

Compac Glaciar is a simple white quartz surface which features almost invisible white flecks to create wonderful designs that evoke the calm and beauty from glaciers in nature. Compac Glaciar quartz is highly recommended for homeowners looking for a simple and affordable yet luxurious surface for home applications which has made it one of the most sought-after materials in 2017 and will surely continue throughout the whole of 2018. Compac is popular for its extensive range of quartz surfaces which are not just beautiful but stylish and hygienic too. If you are confused with all the different quartz surfaces offered by the Company, you are sure to find a Compac approved fabricator which can recommend the surface that matches your requirement in the list above.