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10 Most Popular Neolith Worktops Colours In 2019

Neolith is a result of advanced engineering to add strength, durability, chemical balance and elegance to modern interiors. Embrace the natural marble-like essence with tougher and superior Neolith Kitchen worktops.

Neolith worktop is influenced by the natural elegance of marble. However, this stronger material is man-made with the latest technology. On top of its durability, Neolith comes in a wide range of hues that are formed due to the pigmentation of various raw materials used for manufacturing this tough surface.

Speaking of its wide range of colour choices, Neolith also guarantees colourfastness without worrying of pigment deterioration over time. In 2019, Neolith appeared in more stylish and modern colour options. Here are the 10 most popular colours from this brand of sintered stones in 2019 to deck up your living space:

1. Neolith Estatuario:

neolith estatuario e01
neolith estatuario island

You can see amazing elegance in discreet details of Neolith Estatuario. Its bright white veins form a virtuous painting-like appeal on its subtle surface.

2. Neolith Calacatta:

neolith calacatta
Neolith Calacatta

The extravagant deep white Neolith Calacatta is another popular colour option for styling a modern home. Reminiscent of natural Calacatta marble, this beautiful Neolith worktop imbibes amazing elements for creating a surface that matches even the most demanding interiors.

3. Neolith Blanco Carrara:

Neolith Blanco
neolith blanco carrara

Influenced by the natural Carrara marble, the new Neolith Blanco Carrara boasts a timeless snow-white background. Its innovative aesthetic elements make this worktop surface the rarest surface for modern kitchens. It is available in two finishes – Silk and Decor Polished.

4. Mar del Plata:

neolith mar del plata
neolith mar del plata worktops

Offering unique appearance of white and silver wave granite, Mar del Plata is known for its superior performance and resistance against heat, scratches, stains, UV rays and impact. It is an ideal countertop material for both interior and exterior applications.

5. Pietra Di Piombo:

neolith pietra di piombo surfaces

Another addition to the elegant Fusion collection is Pietra Di Piombo. This soft grey surface provides another gorgeous natural stone-like surface to homeowners.

6. Iron Copper:

neolith iron copper
Neolith Iron Copper

Iron Copper is an exquisite colour from the Neolith’s Iron Collection. It is inspired by the appearance of oxides found in industries and hence, is perfect to give an industrial feel to any interior. This chromatic material boasts a unique style that can captivate attention to any interior or exterior area.

7. Iron Corten:

neolith iron corten

The brown chromatic Iron Corten is a perfect metallic shade to give unique identity and individuality to any room where it’s installed. Influenced by the oxide looks, this surface is perfect for radical and avant-garde designs in any indoor or outdoor setting.

8. Neolith Arctic White:

From the Colourful collection, the Neolith Arctic White is manufactured to distribute the pure white tone evenly to the given space.

neolith arctic white worktops

9. Neolith Basalt Black:

Inspired by the natural Classic Basalt stone, the dark coloured Basalt Black is perfect for creating the dark-themed interior. It is also able to withstand heavy traffic or use and high temperatures.

Neolith basalt black built-up sink
Neolith basalt black built-up sink

10. Beton:

neolith beton
neolith beton worktops

From the Fusion range, the gorgeous Beton colour is suitable for adding composed appearance and industrial feel to any living space.