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10 Most Popular CRL Quartz Colours of 2018 that will Leave You Stunned

10 most popular CRL quartz colours that will leave you stunned

Welcome to the world of elegant kitchen worktops. The remarkable stones and engineered materials offer a plethora of choices to both businesses and households. It is a great range of quartz stone to go for any kitchen or bathroom renovation venture. As you may already know, the best among the engineered options is the quartz worktop. A great up-and-coming brand, CRL Stone offers the most exotic range of worktop surfaces to avail. All you have to do is to plan the kitchen renovation with the professional service provider and get an authentic quartz colour. There is no doubt that the CRL Quartz worktops will be a great choice, both in terms of performance and practicality. CRL Quartz offers a comprehensive range of colours with different looks. You can choose marble look, concrete or cement. There are also designs that evoke the look of granite, limestone and other natural materials. Coupled with the backing of CR Laurence, a leading Company in Construction for over 100 years worldwide, there is not much not to like about their products. In addition to great colours, thicknesses and finishes, the brand offers slabs in different dimensions. Ranging from 3050x1400mm, 3200x1600mm and a Giant slab of 3300x1650mm; the product is highly versatile and suits most budgets. We have put together a list of the most popular colours in 2018, according to the database of our marketing and sales team. Feel free to browse and feel inspired..

Best CRL quartz colours to choose

  1. CRL Verona

The grey veining on the white quartz surface is what your new kitchen needs. The random patterns create a unique design that complies with the dark coloured kitchen cabinets. Verona is without any doubts very popular, as it resembles the White Carrara marble from Italy impeccably well.

crl verona kitchen

  1. CRL White Water

It is the ultimate choice that mimics White Carrara marble. The brand also offers a signature twist in the designs to make every slab purchased unique in nature. The off-white and grey veins are ideal to design an elegant worktop. White Water is an ideal material for properties that seek luxury without making great efforts. This colour goes very well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Most recently it is also becoming popular in spaces with chic-industrial style.

crl white water quartz kitchen

  1. CRL Ultra White

This is the brightest edition of the CRL Quartz worktops you will find. The use of this particular engineered surface will automatically light up the environment of your kitchen. It is a great choice for classic, modern, domestic, eclectic and commercial kitchen designs. Ultra White is one of the most brilliant white quartz stones in the market. In addition, it comes with a beautiful sheen that keeps minimalism in place whilst bringing light into any interior. It is ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms.

crl ultra white quartz worktops

  1. CRL Carrara

This is where your quest for the alternative to Bianco Carrara marble ends. CRL Carrara resembles the popular Italian marble choice. CRL Carrara comes in a more opaque white than its counterpart Verona. Both are available in thickness of 20mm and 30mm . This comes in handy if you need to clad walls, make splashbacks or use it horizontally in vanity tops or tables.

crl carrara quartz worktops

  1. CRL Statuario Bianco

This colour represents the ultimate blend of grey veins on an off-white surface resembling Statuario Bianco Italian marble. This colour is one of the most popular among the quartz surfaces in the households and eclectic kitchens. Statuario Bianco by CRL Quartz is one of the latest designs for 2018. The product is an instant favourite due to its strong vein and natural appearance. In addition to a beautiful look, Statuario Bianco is highly resistant to heat and stains making it ideal for kitchens.

crl statuario bianco quartz worktops

  1. CRL White Carrara

The natural white colour of the engineered quartz surface resembling the beauty of the Italian White Carrara marble is what will make your guests jealous of your new kitchen worktop. White Carrara is a lighter version of the popular marble with a faint vein. It is ideal for those who like the look of marble but prefer to keep things minimalistic. Similarly, it has become very popular in interiors with industrial looks as it blends well with any other object without overpowering the room.

crl white carrara quartz kitchen

  1. CRL Concrete Gris

The monochromatic grey concrete colour in this category is for the modern kitchen plans. The matte finish will give an elegant feel to the kitchen interior.

crl concrete gris quartz worktops

  1. CRL Knightsbridge

CRL Knightsbridge is an elegant interpretation of Carrara marble with less degree of venation. The whiter backdrop with minimal patterns will redefine the beauty of your kitchen. Knightsbridge is inspired in the British look and has almost incomplete parts with imperfections seen in real marble. In contrast with White Carrara marble, the surface is non-porous which means it does not require sealants and it is also easy to clean.


  1. CRL Arctic Shimmer

The delicate mottles on a pure white backdrop in this category contribute a different pattern from the common choices. It looks like the top view of a glacier in the mountain ranges. Since Arctic Shimmer quartz is non-porous, you will have no worries when spillages occur.

crl arctic shimmer

  1. CRL Vicenza

The grey veins accompanied by the off-white Carrara marble finish are what your classic kitchen design needs. CRL Quartz has invested heavily in research and development on all its Carrara effect marble colours in order to ensure you can select the right shade of white to match your design.

crl vicenza kitchen worktops Conclusion Check out the 10 most popular CRL quartz colours that will leave you stunned, in the infirmary of the renowned supplier of authentic worktop surfaces and get your dream kitchen ready with an enviable finish.