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5 Granite Worktop Myths Busted

Granite is one of the finest natural stones available. It’s natural beauty adds to the elegance of your home, be it your kitchen worktop, the fireplace or the staircase. However, granite is often associated with certain perceptions, that make homeowners shy away from this beautiful natural stone.

Granite Worktop Below are the 5 most common myths associated with granite worktops and the reality underlying them.

5 Common granite worktop myths

  1. It’s absorbent - A common myth with granite is that it’s believed to be absorbent. Well, the fact is that granite is impervious to water and is far less absorbent than many of the solid surface products. The fact that it’s used in buildings owing to its ability to withstand rain and gale force winds is proof that granite is impervious to water.
  2. It can stain easily - Granite worktops are resistant to most stains. Wiping up stains immediately will never cause granite to stain. Even if it does, it will evaporate in a few minutes. However, liquids that do not evaporate will cause the stone to stain, if left unattended for long.
  3. Stains cannot be removed - Again, most kinds of stains can be removed from granite stones, be it on your kitchen worktops or splashbacks or fire surrounds. In fact, even stains caused due to spilling oil can also be removed, by using a paste or a poultice that soaks out the oil in the stone.
  4. Not very resistant to heat - Unlike many other natural worktop materials, granite offers significant resistance to heat. It can withstand the heat from hot pans and pots without being damaged. In other words, granite can withstand heat without getting damaged, unless it’s a blowtorch.
  5. It requires high maintenance - Granite doesn't need much maintenance. Simply cleaning it with soap and water regularly is enough. Resealing the stone once a year will help enhance it’s life.

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