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6 Marble Worktop Materials that are Turning Heads in 2018

The elegance and beauty of marble has made it is one of the most popular materials for home applications for hundreds of years. Manufacturers regularly launch new marble designs and keep offering something new and unique to their buyers.

Once you know that marble is what you want for your kitchen worktop, the next step is to select one from the extensive range in the market. If the selection seems daunting, one from the six mentioned below could be a great choice!

  1. Calacatta Marble

Quarried in Italy, Carrara Marble has been used since ancient times. The natural beauty of the stone has attracted homeowners for hundreds of years and is still a widely preferred option. While several different versions of this stone are now available, the original is still very popular for kitchen worktops. The white marble has thick grey veins with undertones of gold or brown which makes it look one-of-a-kind.

Calacatta Marble

  1. Statuarietto Extra Marble

Statuarietto Extra Marble is a modern version of the world-renowned Statuario marble and features dramatic grey veins on top of a pure white surface. The natural stone is an excellent option for homeowners aiming to create a striking kitchen decor with vivid interiors. The marble is available in multiple sizes and finishes such as polished, honed, leather and Satin.

Statuarietto Extra Marble

  1. Rosa Portogallo Marble

While white, grey and black marble stones are the most popular, Rosa Portogallo Marble can be a great option if you are looking for something unique. It is a pale pink natural stone with a crystalline structure and white-to-grey veins which add a subtle elegance to the ambience. Homeowners wanting to create a simple, yet grand kitchen can surely consider this unique natural stone.

Rosa Portogallo Marble

  1. Panda White Marble

Originally from Turkey, the Panda White Marble with its white opaque background and thick black stripes perfectly justifies its name. While the stone is found, selected and processed in Turkey, it is often sent to places like Italy for further finishing. Apart from kitchen worktops, the natural stone is also an excellent choice for living rooms, bathroom, and even commercial applications.

Panda White Marble

  1. White Beauty Marble

White Beauty Marble is one of the most exotic natural stones which is characterised by its large grey, white, black and green feldspars. The unique design of the stone makes it a perfect choice for kitchen worktops and a host of other indoor and outdoor applications. The marble is available in many different sizes and finishes to perfectly suit your custom worktop and decor needs.

White Beauty Marble

  1. Calacatta Verde Marble

Calacatta Verde Marble from the Calacatta marble family is famous for its unique veins in many hues of green, grey and black. The exclusive design of the stone makes it an ideal choice for homeowners, architects or interior designers aiming to achieve a modern or a classic décor in any space in which they are designing. Further to this, the material presents an exotic combination of a classic white marble base with mineral intrusions and veins ranging in different shades of green that can add a naturally tropical effect to the space in which it is installed.

Zuaya Restaurant Kensington

Image: Zuaya Restaurant Kensington installed by My Kitchen Worktop. Photo: The Independent Newspaper

Moreover, natural stones like Calacatta Verde and Bianco Ramiggiato Marble are also a preferred choice for modern decors like the Zen decor.

Zen decor

If you are searching for the best marble worktops of 2018 for your kitchen worktop, these are some of the options to consider. Try to know more about these natural stones, like their size, finish, cost, etc. to make sure that your selection perfectly suits your requirements and budget.