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Are You Looking For Natural Granite With A Warranty? Try Granith

No other worktop material can beat the elegance and functionality of natural granite. Therefore, you can consider the high-quality granite with a warranty to assure the material has no stains.

If you want natural granite with a warranty for your kitchen space, consider installing the high-quality Granith for the countertop. The My Kitchen Worktop Granith range of products, comes with an available warranty, as they carefully inspect and evaluate the natural granite while processing it into slabs or tile formations. Hence, consumers need not worry about staining in these natural granite worktop materials. But you must ensure you register your warranty with the manufacturer within 30 days of your installation.

Product Description

Granith is the brand name of a wide range of natural stones provided by The Size, which creates high-quality Neolith Sintered Stone. The Granith by Size is composed of granite and quartzite stones that are hand-picked by experts in the company. As a result, stylish, decorous and graceful natural stones are manufactured for modern homeowners.

The main advantages of using Granith over other natural stones is that by owning the rights to the quarry, The Size ensures that only the highest graded slabs come into the marketplace.

Granith® is a fantastic option for bringing flair and charm to any room, providing a unique range of exotic stones that will elevate the stance of any space. Not only that you can select these stones in different sizes but these are also available in different thicknesses and finishes.

Torroncino Kitchen worktops and mitred downstand by The Size


Features And Benefits Of Granith:

●Exotic natural stones with durable characteristics.
●Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses.
●Highly resistant to scratches and stains.
●Highly resistant to cold and heat.
●Highly resistant to impact and knocks.
●Minimal water absorption.
●Easy to maintain and clean.
●Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
●Available with a 10-year warranty.


Granith is suitable for various applications such as kitchen worktops and bar worktops in the living spaces of people who love natural stone. Not just the varying patterns and exotic designs, the natural granite collection in the form of Granith is also durable, as well as highly resistant to stains, scratches and other wear and tear. In addition, the natural characteristics of these materials allow you to create designs in exterior areas. These may include patios, terraces or balconies among others.

With a unique combination of orange, beige, golden and yellowish minerals in the backdrop, this exotic natural stone is likely to transform any space where it’s installed.

Why Choose Granith?

granith sahara winds

Granith provides aesthetics that you can only see in a natural stone. If you are seeking a refined worktop material with sophisticated and exquisite appearance, Granith is an ideal choice.

Besides, the brand works effortlessly by sourcing exclusive and innovative stones while offering top-notch quality to interior designers and homeowners. The Size also offers a 10-year warranty on all its worktop materials for homeowners’ peace of mind.

Granith is a range of coloured granite stones that are amongst the hardest minerals found on our Planet. Since the brand only deals in stones with minimal water absorption ability, you will observe that very little maintenance is needed for taking care of this worktop stone.

Where Does Granith Come From?

The Size has selectively chosen designs and patterns of each Granith worktop in their collection. Each slab is quarried from different countries in Africa and South America. All the quarried materials are sustainable and produce new varying stones. During the extraction process, rigorous quality control is performed to assure exotic and unique products for natural stone admirers. Some of these slabs also boast distinct geologic composition, as they are quarried from some remote locations.