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Cambria Quartz Expands their UK Range with 8 New Designs

Cambria quartz headquartered in the United States of America is a business run by a family with ancestry in the UK, and  a world-renowned manufacturer of engineered quartz. The Davies family, who owns Cambria quartz, has historically been producing foods creating brands such as Davisco Foods International. During the late 90’s Marty Davis was offered a plant to create quartz stone in Minnesota which the entrepreneur could not resist as an opportunity to be the first to create beautiful surfaces made in America that portray the long British heritage of the family. Cambria quartz counts with 133 different designs, distribution centres in the USA, Europe as well as a team dedicated to the provision of their stones in the UK. Cambria places the same care and attention to their quartz slabs as they did to their foods, resulting in stone of the highest quality with carefully made finishes that are displayed almost like work of art. While the surfaces offered by the brand are popular for their eternal beauty, if you explore a little deeper, you’ll see that the products also come with unbeatable performance and uncompromising looks which makes them a great choice for any household. Cambria quartz has further extended their UK range of surfaces with 8 new designs in 2018, to keep up with the increasing demands of the homeowners that are looking for sturdy surfaces with unique designs that celebrate beauty and individuality. The 8 new designs are-

  1. Cambria Brittanicca Gold

The classic white-marble look with opulent veins in grey and gold makes Brittanicca one of the most popular products of Cambria quartz. The new Cambria Brittanicca Gold is a modern take on the classic beauty with accent golden earth and sunlight-warm tones to keep the look softer and make it more enticing and sterile. It is a stone that works wonders for applications in focal areas such as splashbacks, large wall panels and kitchen islands, and can be combined successfully with homogeneous colours as well as mixing and matching with other natural objects in any design and architectural styles. Brittanicca Gold from Cambria quartz comes in huge slabs with dimensions 3360x1660mm which will satisfy the need of having the biggest kitchen worktops without having any seams.


  1. Cambria Brittanicca Warm

Cambria Brittanicca Warm is the right balance between the classic Cambria Brittanicca quartz and the latest Brittanicca Gold variation. Brittanicca warm introduces a lighter white background than Brittanicca Gold with a softer vein made out of denser grey tones that offers a more classic and somewhat monochromatic choice of stone. Be it introducing a new colour to a space or placing an innovative design against softer features, Brittanicca Warm is a great choice for both types of design as it offers the natural look of marble to interiors that require stone that requires practically no other maintenance than soapy water and a kitchen cloth to keep it pristine on a daily basis and for many years to come.


  1. Cambria Annicca

Cambria Annicca is a modern take on the classic Italian marble such as Statuario with opulent grey veins, to recall the grandeur of Queen Anne’s reign. The stone has neutral white background with a touch of purple glitter and golden shimmer on subtle grey veins for an illustrious appeal which makes it a great option for any classic setting. The surface works very well across both traditional and contemporary designs and can make a great addition for industrial schemes that are in need of a natural look stone that offers delicate hints of coloured hues. Cambria Annicca never needs sealing or polishing and to maintain it pristine all you need to do is to simply use a soft cotton cloth, warm water, and mild soap to clean its surfaces on a daily basis.


  1. Cambria Skye

Homeowners looking for something unique and dramatic are sure to be impressed with the vibrancy of Cambria Skye. The bright greens, blues, and greys along with white veins perfectly resemble the snow-clad mountains found near the shores of Skye. The multi-dimensional patterns with random twist and turns are perfect to add a touch of excitement and nature to any space.  Cambria Skye quartz offers a surface that isn’t only extremely resistant to scratches, stains and impact but one that when displayed is seen almost as a piece of fine artwork with a deep blue colour scheme that offers feelings of peace and calm.


  1. Cambria Ironsbridge

The fine spidery veins of Cambria Ironsbridge add more drama to the surface when comparing its design against the previous Cambria designs offerings from their ‘Marble range’. The built of the new surface is as such that it can easily match any atmosphere or colour palette, depending on what colours or designs are stacked against it and how the surface is used. Cambria Ironsbridge offers a pure white surface with faint white and greyish veins, reminiscent of pure white natural marble types such as Namibian White, Crystal White or Bianco Miele marble from Italy but with the advantage of being s surface that won’t etch, stain or scratch in worktop applications.


  1. Cambria Queen Anne

A velvety grey background topped with beautiful white streams help Cambria Queen Anne create the depth and movement of sails moving wildly in the wind on a tough stone surface that offers the soft looks of light grey hues. Be it kitchen, bathroom, or living room; the surface would complement any modern setting with Cambria Queen Anne quartz which is available in a polished finish as standard and can also be sourced in a Matte finish for interiors that require a traditional looking material.


  1. Cambria Galloway

Cambria Galloway creates a deep mystery and feelings which evoke the movement of waters of a rocky sea coast. The aesthetics combine time, motion, and the natural elements of sand and sea to add a healthy dose of nature to your home. The Design of Cambria Galloway suggests movement and luxury with random intrusions of pearly quartz crystals on its surfaces. Available in both Cambria matte and high gloss finishes, the surface can be easily teamed with a host of bright colours and other materials that will accentuate the natural beauty of the surface. Galloway belongs to the Coastal Collection from Cambria quartz and comes in slabs with standard dimensions 3040x1400mm and thicknesses in 20mm and 30mm.


  1. Cambria Langdon

Cambria Langdon is a great example of how beautiful bright colours can be used to create a contrasting effect. The black, grey, brown and white colours on a sturdy yet luxurious surface look almost like beige abbey stones fighting against grey waters near a coast.

bl-img8   Cambria quartz is one of the few brands in the world that use exciting colour palettes in a way that they help create a unique setting no matter where the surfaces are used. With these new designs, architects, interior designers, property developers and homeowners can easily add a unique appeal to their projects with the help of a quartz surface that is distinctive, easy to care for, durable, and bacteria-resistant.

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